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Best free simulation games for iPhone

Last week we featured the best free iPad games, but there were a few new categories there that weren't in my original best free iPhone games post. One of those categories is simulation, where your micro-management skills pay the virtual bills. Some of these will look familiar, but others may be new to you. Buckle up hit the jump to see our favourite free simulation games for the iPhone.

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GameFly looking to assist devs with new game development fund

GameFly is looking to branch out into mobile gaming but instead of its usual rental model, it is looking to get developers on-board from a much earlier stage. The new initiative would see GameFly becoming the publisher and promoter of a developer’s game.

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31% of smartphone gamers are playing in class says survey

Mobile game developer and publisher MocoSpace recently polled 10,000 players to find out "Y U Play?", and the most striking data showed that a whooping 31% if respondents were playing games in the middle of class. Just about as many respondents were playing mobile games because they were bored as those who played because they actually enjoy the games.

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N.O.V.A. 3 crash lands on iOS, angry aliens and big guns in tow

Gameloft recently launched N.O.V.A. 3, the next step to their sci-fi first-person-shooter franchise for iPhone and iPad. This time, you're taking to the streets of Earth, engaging in gripping firefights with a bunch of high-tech weaponry and vehicles.

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iOS gamers spend five times more money on games than Android gamers

Most players on iPhone and iPad tend to spend more money than those playing on an Android device -- five times more, to be exact. This according to a Newzoo study that examined the growth of mobile gaming in Europe and North America. It showed that there are now 101 million American mobile gamers, 69% of which are playing on smartphones and 21% play on tablets. Of them, iPhone claimed 19 million gamers, which is 28% of everyone that plays games on a smartphone. Surprisingly, the iPod touch managed to snag nearly as many with 18 million players. As you might expect, the iPad rocks the tablet gaming world with 12.7 million gamers (a 60% slice of the whole tablet pie).

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Nintendo posts first annual financial loss, iPhone continues leading portable gaming

Nintendo recently posted their full-year financial results, which included their first operating loss amounting to a deficit of $458 million. Over the whole year, Nintendo sold 13.5 million 3DS portable systems worldwide; to put that in perspective, Apple sold about 9 million iPhones in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2012 alone.

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Shadowrun Returns game coming to iPad, deckers rejoice

Shadowrun fans will be happy to hear that a new game in the classic cyberpunk setting is well on its way thanks to Kickstarter, and that we'll be seeing it on iOS and Android tablets. Funding wraps up this Sunday, and they're already blown past their $400,000 goal with over $1.4 million from fans.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS gets craftier

The Minecraft port for iOS has had plenty of mining in it since its launch late last year, and now it's getting infinitely more crafty with the latest update. The building sim/monster survival sandbox game with an 8-bit twist now lets you create a whole bunch of blocks to reassemble in your world as you see fit, just like the PC version. When you first drop into your Minecraft world, it's more or less a blank slate, but after gathering basic resources (and now combining them to make new types of blocks), you can build some pretty incredible things. You can even invite friends to build with you if they're in the same Wi-Fi network. Here's a full changelog for today's update:

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Sid Meier's Pirates! game boards iPhone

After an initial release on iPad last summer, Sid Meier's classic swashbuckling game, Pirates!, has found its way to the iPhone. Just like the version built for the bigger screen, you build up a crew, customize your ship, stick a sword into anyone who tries to take it, fire cannons at competing pirates, pillage whatever's in sight, and rest up at the port once the gunpowder has settled.

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Apple supposedly met with Valve to talk about motion, voice and touch-capable TV [Updated]

Last week Tim Cook visited Valve, one of the biggest influencers in PC gaming, to talk about a work-in-progress TV set Apple is working on, according to anonymous sources.

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