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NSFW: GamerGate, misogyny, and what to do from here

NSFW is a weekly op-ed column in which I talk about whatever's on my mind. Sometimes it'll have something to do with the technology we cover here on iMore; sometimes it'll be whatever pops into my head. Your questions, comments and observations are welcome.

Wow. There is some crazy stuff happening on the Internet this week, and I don't even know where to begin. A friend of mine was threatened with rape and murder on Friday night. That's probably where to start.

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Revolution 60 is delightful kickassary you need to download right now!

Revolution 60 is an Epic Unreal Engine-based game — think Infinity Blade — that puts you in the middle of a cinematic story and lets you kick the absolute ass out of it while ultimately deciding your own destiny. Crafted by Giant SpaceKat, you're put in control of Holiday, an assassin with all shades of attitude, and told to regain control of an orbiting super-weapon. The modeling is gorgeous, the animation delightful, the music engrossing, and the voice acting outstanding. It's obvious every polygon, frame, note, and word had care and concern poured into it. So how's the gameplay?

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Help Kickstart Revolution 60 onto Mac and Windows!

Giant Spacekat has been building the Epic Unreal-powered Revolution 60 for iPad for a while - listen to them talk about it on Iterate - but now they want to bring it to the Mac and Windows as well, and they've taken to Kickstarter to do it:

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Iterate 45: Briana Wu and Amanda Warner of Revolution 60


Brianna Wu and Amanda Warner of Giant Spacekat talk to Marc, Seth, and Rene about their upcoming video game, Revolution60, working with the Unreal engine, character and game design, and the frenzy over freemium.

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