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ios 6 maps

State of the Apple Maps improvements

Apple Maps launched with iOS 6, and complaints and general dissent launched precisely 1 second later. It wasn't unexpected but depending where you lived, it was painful. Apple apologized and said they'd work tirelessly to make it right. Today, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop summed up exactly where they've gotten.

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Apple reportedly fires head of iOS 6 Maps team

Apple has reportedly fired the manager in charge of iOS 6 Maps, Richard Williamson. Williamson lead the mapping team that was responsible for the new, heavily criticized maps app that debuted in September. The dismissal of Williamson is one of Eddy Cueโ€™s first major actions since being put in charge of maps in the management shakeup last month. Cue is said to be looking to TomTom to fix its landmark data as well as talking to mapping experts outside of Apple about how to be improve the experience. Apple has been hard at work fixing problems in Maps since the release of iOS 6.

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Apple retail employees reportedly taking to the streets to help fix iOS 6 Maps

Apple may be turning to its retail employees to improve its new Maps app for iOS 6. Retail store employees are being asked to, on a volunteer basis, examine the mapping data for their area and submit corrections and improvements to Apple. Stores participating in the initiative will give 40 hours of staff time per week, which will be distributed across several employees.

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Original 2007 Google-powered iPhone maps app reportedly built by 2 engineers in 3 weeks

I've read more than I ever wanted to about maps this week, but this story about how the original, Google-powered was built for the original iPhone caught my attention.

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iOS 6 Maps vs. iOS 5 Maps vs. Location data shootout!

iOS 6 removed the Google-powered Maps app that launched alongside the original iPhone in 2007 and replaced it with new Maps app and location services more fully under Apple's control. That's means iOS 6 got features like turn-by-turn navigation, vector-based maps, and Flyover, but lost features like built-in transit directions and StreetView. It also means the quality of the location data changed drastically for many users. While this was hardly unexpected, reaction has varied from "beautiful and perfectly usable" to "dreadful and a deal-breaker."

Recognizing that Apple's new location data, licensed from TomTom and others, seems to vary in quality considerably from place to place, with big, populous American cities tending to be much better than small, rural, international areas, iMore still wanted to put them to a test.

So I got in the car and drove for nearly 6 hours and did just that. Here are the results.

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What do you think of iOS 6 Maps? [Poll]

What do you think of iOS 6 Maps?

So iOS 6 has been out for over a week now, and that means everyone has had a chance to test out the new iOS 6 Maps apps for over a week. So what do you think of it? Is it the best Maps app ever? Is it okay with a few rough edges? Is it bad but you hope it gets better? Or is it a totally mapping disaster?

Back before Apple even announced the new Maps app at WWDC 2012, Rene wrote a post on what to expect in terms of both potential features and problems. And I dare say it's turned out to be pretty accurate. Do you think people were expecting too much? Or do you think Apple failed to deliver too much? Should Apple have done a better job warning users that there might be growing pains?

Apple can make beautiful map tiles and fancy flyover views all they want, but if the core map data isn't accurate, it's a big problem. If it's accurate in some places and terrible in others, that's still a big problem. Especially since Google doesn't seem likely to have a Google Maps app ready for the App Store any time soon, and the Google Maps mobile website is a stop-gap at best.

I know you've got an opinion on this one, so vote up top and tell me how you really feel in the comments!

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How to add a location or report a problem in iOS 6 Maps

With iOS 6 Apple has rebuilt the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Maps app from the ground-up. They've also switched away from exclusively using Google data to using data from TomTom and others. However, like any new endeavor there will be problems, frustrations, and straight up errors and omissions that need to be fixed. In iOS 6 Maps, Apple has provided a way to do just that.

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iOS 6 preview: Maps gets turn-by-turn navigation

With iOS 6, Apple is replacing the previous, Google-powered Maps app on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, with a completely redesigned, re-rendered, and re-imagined Maps app. The data itself is supplied by TomTom, but Apple has draw all the maps, and while they've lost some features, like Street View, they're adding new ones, like turn-by-turn navigation

Rumor has it, Apple's been wanting to add turn-by-turn for a while now, but Google would only give it to them if Apple took the location-tracking Latitude feature as well. Apple declined. Now, in command of their own geo-destiny, Apple will soon be providing free navigation for one and all, and thanks to Siri on the iPhone 4S and future devices, it'll have full on voice directions as well.

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