TiPb Picks of the Year -- Nova, Navigon, SimplyTweet, Kindle, Skype, Twitbit, 1Password, Appigo Todo, WiFiRemote, Boxcar


Every week a few of us from team TiPb -- bloggers, forum crew, and occasional friends alike -- bring you our current favorite, funnest, most useful App Store apps, WebApps, jailbreak apps, even the occasional accessory, web site, or desktop app if the mood strikes us. As long as they're iPhone (or iPod touch) related, they're fair game. Well, as 2009 winds to a close, we figured it's time for the staff to bring you not just picks of the week but -- PICKS OF THE YEAR!

So who's on deck for the very best iPhone apps of 2009? What are our picks? Find out after the break!

Chad's Pick: N.O.V.A. -- Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

This game demonstrates what is possible on the iPhone from a 3D shooter. This game has set the bar. [$6.99 - iTunes link]


Chris' Pick: Navigon MobileNavigator

Pick of the year, pick of the year...how do I choose a single app as my pick of the year? A game with which I have had lots of fun? A utility that I simply use all the time? A twitter app? After much debate and flip-flopping, I decided to go with Navigon as my pick of the year. Navigon (with the recent updates and improvements) is as close as I have seen to a turn by turn app done right. It has a plethora of features, has clear voice guided turn by turn directions, and really is one of the two or three utility apps that I use on a regular basis and gives the iPhone a feature that almost everyone was clamoring for from the beginning. [$59.99 until Jan. 11 - iTunes link]

Navigon MobileNavigator

Derrick's Pick: Simplytweet

Simplytweet is not only my Favorite app but its my app of the year also,. It's a great twitter app that has many features, including Multiple Accounts, Push Notifications, Photo Search, My favorite features are Landscape, retweet or quote tweets (via @theiphoneblog instead of RT @theiphoneblog), and Themes. [$4.99 - iTunes link]


Dieter, SPE Editor-in-Chief's Pick:

Since the iPhone has become my secondary device, I'm finding that my go-to apps on it have changed a bit. The one I use the most: the Kindle app. I love that I have my books with me all the time now and that I can read it in bed without a light. Amazon really nailed the 'just works' aspect with the way they have sync set up - just a few seconds of data access is enough to get myself synced up to the last page I was reading on my actual Kindle. [Free - iTunes link]


Georgia's Pick: Skype

Skype gives you the ability to call anyone else who uses Skype, anywhere in the world, for free. You can also call landline or cell phones for a small fee, and send out IMs. Anything that combines "call anyone" and "free" definitely gets my vote for app of the year. (And if the 4th generation iPhone gets a front-facing camera, maybe we will even be able to have two-way video calls next year). [Free - iTunes link]


Jeremy's Pick: Twitbit

Twitbit has been my Twitter app of choice for some time now. Is it perfect? No, but then again the perfect app does not exist. What really makes Twitbit stand out as my favorite app of 2009 is the hard work that goes into it and the frequent updates to the app (and the updates are free unlike some other over rated Twitter app who's name I won't mention because it would hurt Rene's feelings). The developer, High Order Bit, constantly is striving to improve this app and it has evolved very well. I highly recommend you check it out. [$2.99 - iTunes link]


Leanna's Pick: 1Password Pro

iPhone + Mac + 1Password for iPhone and Mac = best combination ever. Before my discovery of 1Password, I used the same 3 boring passwords for everything. Now I have a different randomly generated password for each login and 1Password makes this simple and hassle-free. When I first started using 1Password for iPhone, I was nervous that it was going to be a pain to have to launch 1Password to copy a password each time I needed it but the process is actually rather quick and worth it knowing that I have secure passwords. This combination is a serious must-have for iPhone and Mac users. [$7.99 - iTunes link]

1Password Pro

Matt's Pick: Appigo Todo

Deciding which app I feel is my Pick of the Year was immensely hard. I immediately thought to myself "well it's my most used application..."but then I realized, that wouldn't be it. It had to be something that filled in the gap where the iPhone OS left out, revolutionize the way I worked on the iPhone. Was it easy to use? Could I customize it to fit my work? Finally I came upon the conclusion of - Appigo's Todo application. One of main things I missed coming from the Palm to the iPhone was a todo application. Appigo's Todo, goes above & beyond what the normal todo application should go. With several options to sync & push notification reminders, this is a killer app & an app worthy as a pick of the year :) [$9.99 - iTunes link]

Appigo Todo

Mickey, the Cell Phone Junkie's Pick: All-in-One WiFiRemote

WiFi Remote is one of the coolest apps I have. For $5, it allows me to control my Windows 7 media center that I have connected to my living room TV over my WiFi network without having to deal with a keyboard and mouse. It is like having a pocket control for the computer with me all the time. I can sit on the couch and either surf, or simply control the media I want to watch. The best part is that both my wife and I have it installed on our iPhones, so either of us can control it. [$4.99 - iTunes link]

All-in-One WiFiRemote

Rene's Pick: Boxcar

And here's why -- iPhone 3.0 introduced a couple innovations to the iPhone app space, namely (and finally!) push-notifications and in-app purchases. Sure, augmented reality like Gunman is coming on strong, we're all looking forward to Unreal Engine 3 powered games, and one day we may see the fruits of app accessory access, but for today, for 2009, Boxcar is delivering. Not only is it an innovative example of push-notifcation and in-app purchase, it uses both fill gaps both in other apps (like the PNS-challenged Tweetie, Twitterrific, and yeah, Facebook), for Apple and Google who still haven't delivered push Gmail without taking up the lone ActiveSync slot on the iPhone (which GoogleSync requires), and in the latest version, for Growl and RSS notifications as well. Boxcar leveraged iPhone 3.0 to make great apps and services better, and that makes it my pick of the year. [Free + in-app purchase - iTunes link]

Boxcar 2.2

Your Pick?

You're part of team TiPb too, so what's your pick of the year? In 2009, what was your most used, most eye-popping, most "this changes everything" iPhone app?

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TiPb Picks of the Year -- Nova, Navigon, SimplyTweet, Kindle, Skype, Twitbit, 1Password, Appigo Todo, WiFiRemote, Boxcar


Okay, so this one has no interest for anybody who is not LDS, but the LDS Scriptures app from Standardworks is a fabulous way to spend 15 dollars and get everything you could need to follow along with lessons at church and also do personal study at home. I used to use the free app, because, hey, free. But when I realized all I could do with the app from Standardworks, I bit the bullet and got it, and I haven't regretted it at all, and they update frequently with major improvements and additions to the library.

@fastlane: I can't speak for anyone else, but when I am looking at the apps, I am not only looking at things that were released in 2009, but all apps. In addition, with updates, somebody the older apps may be almost like new.

If that's the case, then theoretically, some of the same apps should remain the best every year — kinda pointless if you ask me (I know, no one's asking me) ;)
I'd rather see which new apps from 2009 are favorites (like best songs, movies, TV shows of the year). Isn't that what one normally observes before New Years?
No biggie. Just ranting with nothing else to do. :)

Duffman says that he agrees with #2. LDS APP is fantastic. Now if only i would go to church and use it more, instead of playing Fieldrunners....OH YEAH!

Why did Kindle make it buy not Stanza? You can get free Public Domain books, etc on Stanza, AND still read Kindle books...
Also, how secure is 1Password? I'm leery...

@fastlane I initially thought I'd pick something from 2009, but with some of the releases Appigo put out really altered the way people used Todo, so thus, I felt it was almost like a new app. I don't pick things more than once usually, so it's likely it will not stay the same every year :)