TiPb's Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Board Game Apps


What are the top 5, must-have board games currently available on the iPhone? Many of you have taken a liking to our Top 5 Must-Have Jailbreak Apps features, so TiPb figured why not expand the series and cover some of the better apps directly from Apple's own iTunes App Store as well? So that is exactly what we did. Today we have compiled what we feel are the current top 5 must-have board game apps available. For the full run down, follow us after the break!



Gameloft's rendition of the classic card game has come a long way since it was first introduced into the App Store back in November. With a slick layout, nice graphics and a very fluent control scheme a card game like this is a perfect fit for the iPhone platform.

The feature that makes this a great iPhone board game is Gameloft's new community based-social network - "Gameloft Live". This new feature adds friends lists, trophies, chat and personal messaging for players.

  • Action Cards are here: Wild, Reverse, Draw 2, and more
  • Customize your game with 9 different rules to play your way, including 7-0 and Jump-in
  • Play online or with your friends through a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Collect prizes by winning increasingly difficult games in Tournament Mode.
  • Game invites via push notifications


UNO is available for $4.99. [iTunes Link]



EA Mobile has done a excellent job on it's latest board game release, Hasbro's Scrabble, especially for those of you looking for a great multiplayer experience via WiFi. For those of you who may not be familiar with this particular game, the object is to create words from a rack of seven letters that is randomly assigned to each player. You use those seven letters that were assigned to you to build words on the game board. Certain letters have more points associated with them and certain game board squares enable higher scoring. Winning the game is simple, you must create words that give you a higher score than your opponent.

  • Now you can play SCRABBLE™ with your friends on Facebook
  • Start a match from any platform to play-invite friends the same way
  • Play in real time-stats and chats appear instantly
  • SHAKE your iPhone to shuffle letters, ZOOM to view the playing board, and DRAG-n-DROP to place tiles
  • Tap into your iTunes® libray and listen to your favorite songs


Scrabble is available for $4.99. [iTunes Link]

Monopoly Here and Now: World Edition


Monopoly, what more can you really say but we are willing to bet most, if not all, of our readers has a fairly good idea what this game is all about. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this classic - Monopoly is a board game that can be played two to four players. Each player is represented by a token of their choice: a shoe, a top-hat, a dog, or a car. Each player takes a turn, rolls two six-sided dice and moves his/her token across the board. Each space on the board is either a property you can purchase or it initiates some other transaction - fines, rewards, etc... The goal of Monopoly is to make the most money and bankrupt your opponents.

  • Wi-Fi Mode Allows 4 players to connect via the same router on a Local Area Network (Disappointing, we know...)
  • 3D view of the board and movers
  • Play solo against the computer or Pass n' play for 4
  • Use your touch screen to flick and drag property cards and simulate real-life game experiences


Monopoly Here and Now: World Edition is available for $4.99. [iTunes Link]

The Game of Life: Classic Edition


Just like all of the other EA Mobile board games, The Game of Life translates very nicely over to iPhone. In The Game of Life players travel around the game board landing on spaces that act out various events that you may experience throughout ones life - schooling, work, retirement, etc... During your journey of life you will come be offered jobs, slapped with lawsuits, have children, purchase property, and get life tiles. Life tiles represent major life events that are revealed at the end of the game, each of them will reward players with different amounts of money that will be added to the players retirement totals. The player with the most amount of money at the end of the game, is the winner.

  • High replayability - endless choices allow you to recreate your life every time you play!
  • Animated tokens bring the game to LIFE!
  • Innovative controls for effortless navigation around a colorful gameboard
  • Stunning, 3D playing environment with winding roads and plush landscapes

One of most obvious omissions of this game is the lack of Wi-Fi play. Hopefully that will come in a future update.


The Game of Life Classic Edition is available for $4.99. [iTunes Link]

Trivial Pursuit


This last game we have for you today comes from EA Mobile yet again, Trivial Pursuit. This game offers you Classic mode, where the game board has the looks just like the classic board game. The game play is still the same as well. You still collect wedges by answering multiple choice questions for six categories - Entertainment, Geography, History, Sports & Leisure, Science & Nature, and Arts & Literature. The player who is able to answer the most questions correctly and gathers the most wedges - wins.

  • Play with up to 4 players using Pass'N Play and local Wi-Fi multiplayer.
  • Choose the right amount of wedges to win, set your own time limits, and create personalized difficulty levels.
  • Innovative, easy-to-use touch controls allow you to roll the dice with a tilt and a shake. Page through questions with the swipe of your hand and tap to select answers!


Trivial Pursuit is available for $4.99. [iTunes Link]



Well that's it, TiPb's Top 5 Must-Have iPhone board games. Did we miss any of your favorites? Overlook any killer features? Drop us a comment and let us know your list!

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Reader comments

TiPb's Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Board Game Apps


Scrabble is terrible. The dictionary is pitiful and does not accept many very basic, absolutely valid, words. It's unusable.

Personally, I'm a big fan of Lux Touch, the Risk-like board game. I haven't downloaded the full version yet, but the free version is awesome and a blast to play...

What, no Lux Dlx (Risk)? I'm very addicted to this game. The trick is to turn off the army pics so you just have the numbers. If you're a fan of Risk you'll love it :P

I like Kolonists. Agreed it is not completely the same as the boardgame but I realy like the way they achieved the game without dice.

@Kevin I enjoy the paid version. Europe is a fun map, plus you can DL more maps through the game interface. Worth it imo :)

I love monopoly on my iPhone, I would like scrabble and life but a little too expensive.

With all of the games available on the iTunes store, you chose 4 from EA mobile? Bleh.
A couple I have really grown to like:
Morocco - a free Othello clone. Fantastic game with decent AI.
Strategery - I can't stop playing this... similar to Dice Wars or Risk. Very fast, very fun and can be extremely challenging on the harder levels.

I'd love to see Mille Bornes created for the iPhone (the currently available Mille Bornes clone looks horrible). And yes, I realize that it's not a board game, but neither is Uno. :P

Agreed Rich....I love Mille Borne. The app plays a decent game but looks awful and the UI is poor too

My wife and I used to love to play a game of Trivial Pursuit on our iPhones. Until the 3.0 update, that is. Since then, WiFi multiplayer is buggy at best - unplayable at worst. Sometimes I don't see her question or vice versa. Sometimes the rolling dice just spins on the screen forever and the game crashes. I could see this with a free app and/or one from a small developer - but EA? Come on! How about an update (of which there has never been one) EA?

My problemw ith Scrabble is that I am not a dictionary. The computer AI on any level picks from any word in the dictionary, ANY. That means they can play very obscure words that you never even dreamed of, and score mightily high. When playing with friends, you can at least be somewhat sure of having near similar intelligence levels. With the Scrabble app, you are at the mercy of a computer randomly picking words from a dictionary that fit the tiles. It's not really a fair match. Just imagine if I knew EVER word in the dictionary and you knew half. While it can all come down to luck oft he draw, the odds are highly in my favor that I will find more words, and more higher scoring words.

@Kevin, @heathsnow,
If you like Lux, you will find another game called "conquest" which I much prefer.
Just seems to play nicer - Its a Risk Style game too.

I'm personally a fan of Xeno Sola. Plays a lot like Carcassonne, and there's no Carcassonne for the iPhone!

Really? These are 'must' have board games? These are just the crap board games Walmart sells in iPhone form. Let me know when some real board games show up on the app store.

These are basically "AmeriTrash" games. Where are the excellent Euro-Strategy Board games like Small World, Settlers of Catan, Roll Through the Ages, Carcassonne, etc. Euro Board Games are a light-world ahead of American board games (with a very few exceptions). Thus, the best conversions to the iPhone are the Euro Game conversions, not the conversions of the typical mass-market American games ("AmeriTrash").

Nice text but I think that your language can't be understood by noobs... Maybe make notes more understandable?

I do love the manner in which you have framed this situation plus it does supply me a lot of fodder for consideration. Nonetheless, coming from just what I have seen, I really wish as the actual remarks pack on that individuals keep on issue and in no way embark upon a tirade regarding some other news of the day. Anyway, thank you for this excellent point and even though I do not necessarily concur with this in totality, I value the viewpoint.