Transport Tycoon coming to both iOS and Android later this year

Transport Tycoon, originally a phenomenon for the PC, will be making its way to both iOS and Android later this year. Chris Sawyer, the developer of both Transport Tycoon and Rollercoaster Tycoon, has just announced that you'll soon be able to build transport empires in the palm of your hand.

The teaser trailer doesn't give us any sneak peaks of actual game play but the developer says the game has been completely restored and re-mastered for both iOS and Android.

Tycoon Transport invites players to build the ultimate transport empire on their mobile devices! Over the last century the world has been transformed by motorized transport and players will race to forge new and lucrative routes across a sprawling living landscape.

You can hit the link below and sign up to be notified when Transport Tycoon becomes available later this year.

Source: Transport Tycoon

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Transport Tycoon coming to both iOS and Android later this year