'Uno' for the iPhone Now Available in App Store!

Fans of the classic card game, Uno, rejoice... the game is now for sale in the App Store! Gameloft brings us Uno in all of it's glory along with a multiplayer mode! (Online via 3G or WiFi)

Play the classic card game that’s #1 for fun with friends and family. In single or multiplayer, playing UNO has never been so fun and easy, thanks to a brand new gameplay system! Simply drag & drop cards using your finger on the screen for intuitive control, and be the first to get rid of all your cards.

All your favorite Action Cards are here: Wild, Reverse, Draw 2 and more! Customize your game with 9 different rules including 7-0 and Jump-in. Play against the AI or your friends: use only one iPhone or play with multiple devices through a WiFi connection. Take on increasingly hard challenges in Tournament Mode.

All of this Uno action can be yours for the fair price of $7.99. Feeling lucky and want to challenge me to a game? Head on into the iTunes App Store and get your game on!

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Reader comments

'Uno' for the iPhone Now Available in App Store!


This is great! My kids love Uno, and I'm always looking for portable games for them. So far, they've been obsessed with Koi Pond (not a game, I know, but it keeps a 5 and 3-year old occupied for a long time). This game may be the next thing I can use to occupy them!

Actually, there is a Yahtzee game for iPhone in the App Store right now from EA for $4.99. I don't have a link, but it's a top banner in the "Featured" tab in the on-iPhone App Store.

"fair price of $7.99" - You are so kidding, right? Anything more than $.99 would be gouging. $7.99 is Extreme High Pricing!
Perhaps you forget, but the fun of playing Uno is playing it together, in the same room, with your friends or family. This game's fun goes way down when you play it with anyone not present. (Scrabble, on the other hand, works for both situations.)

@Jack, look at it this way - on Xbox Live Arcade this same game costs you $4.99 - Now take into consideration to play that you also need a Xbox Live Membership which is another $40 a year. So again $7.99 to play it for as long as you'd like with no other fees is not so bad. And you can play it in the same room with other people via WiFi.

I agree. I can go out to the shops and buy a new deck of UNO cards for a cheaper price. At most $5 AUD should be the price for the app.

great game, but a little buggy. Resuming a game won't work and the need to restate the game is the fix. Scoring is either bug or I just don't get it. A way to cancel a selected card ( wild 4) is a must due to your dinged by a challenge when you accidently select it.
Overall 5 stars after a couple of updates.
Forgive spelling, on the iPhone.

yes, luke w, you CAN go buy an uno deck for less. i hear the ai you can play against with that uno deck is tons of fun when you're at the laundromat or wherever. it's amazing how that pile of cardboard deals itself out!

Jeremy: "And you can play it in the same room with other people via WiFi." Doesn't that defeat the purpose; the only reason you would play it on your iPhone is if your friends weren't in the room. (!)

the multiplayer option is working like hell. there're always people connected. It's so much exiting to play against real people (I just wish i could post a message to my contestants once the game is over).