$19.99 "Premium Gaming" Section to Hit App Store?

MacRumors is reporting a... well, rumor, that Apple may introduce a new section to the App Store for "premium" games with a price point at (or above?) $19.99.

The rumors suggests WWDC in June as a likely introduction event, and it would be exclusive to big publishers and allow them to side-step the $0.99 domination of cheaper Apps (some awesome indie fare but also a lot of... well, CrApps) that suck all the air out of the current Top lists.

This could actually be an interesting solution, allowing for both the cheap games many want to consume, but also providing a viable business option for developers who want to invest more resources into bigger games. (Grand Theft Auto: Cupertino Chaos anyone?)

I'd be willing to pay more for really good, in depth, immersive, highly optimized, and expertly rendered games, and think it will continue to push the iPhone and iPod touch into Nintendo DS and Sony PSP territory.

How about you?

Rene Ritchie

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