Save up to $50 on iPads in this 4th of July sale

iPad Pro
iPad Pro (Image credit: Apple)

If you're after a new iPad, the iPad Pro and iPad Mini have both been reduced by up to $50 this 4th of July, making for a tempting opportunity.

The first of the two is the iPad Pro. You'll only find the discount on the 11-inch iPad Pro, but there are some great options for more storage should you want to upgrade from the base 128GB. Stock is reportedly low, so this deal might not stick around for long!

iPad Pro

iPad Pro

The biggest discounts are on some of the most desirable iPads, such as this, the iPad Pro. Not every model has been reduced, but you'll find some great discounts in the two colors. The cheapest option at the moment is the iPad Pro 11-inch, which is currently $749.

iPad Pro 11.9-inch $50 off

The first model with a discount is the Pro - and it's a mighty device. The M1 chip inside gives it impressive, laptop-like performance. In fact, from the first moment you pick the large, 11-inch tablet up, it feels like it's supposed to be a laptop replacement. It's slightly weighty, at just over a pound, and its liquid retina display rivals any clamshells screen.

Ipad Pro 129 2021

Ipad Pro 129 2021 (Image credit: Daniel Bader / iMore)

It's not just powerful, but practical too. It's got something no other Apple laptop does - a touchscreen. If this is important to you, then opting for the iPad over a MacBook could be the way to go. Remember, if you want to truly make your iPad a replacement for your laptop, you should look at the best keyboard cases for iPad Pro.

You won't find any discounts on the larger 12.9-inch model, unfortunately, but if you're looking for something smaller instead, then the also reduced iPad Mini 2021 may be more your speed.

iPad Mini

iPad Mini

Not every color or option of the iPad mini has been reduced - to find a good price, you might have to play around with some of the options available. We found the most success with the Starlight color, in 256GB form - it's now $599 instead of $649.

iPad Mini $50 off

The iPad Mini was released in 2021, and while small, is still very powerful. The A14 Bionic chip makes it perfect for some Apple Arcade games, and web browsing, and its 8.9-inch screen is great for reading or taking notes.

Ipad Mini 6 2021 Lifestyle Touch Id

Ipad Mini 6 2021 Lifestyle Touch Id (Image credit: Apple)

It'll support all the latest features from the latest iPadOS update coming soon, and you'll find it a great portable companion when you need something slightly bigger than your phone. Currently, B&H Photo has $50 off the Starlight or space grey models.

While these prices are the lowest for either iPad, they are still nice discounts that'll take some of the sting out of what are usually much larger purchases. If you're waiting until Prime Day before you buy yourself an iPad, then have a look over the Prime Day iPad deals hub. Or for discounts all year around, be sure to bookmark our regularly-updated roundup of the best iPad sales.

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