Aliens vs Pinball game from Zen Studios will be hugging your face soon

The xenomorphs from the Aliens sci-fi movie franchise are coming to a host of platforms soon in the form of a new pinball game from developer Zen Studios. Aliens vs Pinball will offer gamers three virtual pinball tables featuring various forms of the creature that was first created by the late H. R. Giger.

Aside from that, there's nothing else known about Aliens vs Pinball, although the teaser image on Zen Studios' blog also shows the double arm blades of another famous sci-fi alien, the Predator. No release date was announced but it's more than possible Aliens vs Pinball will be launched on April 26. That's when 20th Century Fox has called "Alien Day" in reference to LV426, the fictional planet that is the main setting for the first two films in the series, Alien and Aliens.

John Callaham

I have been writing professionally about technology and gaming news for 14 years.