Amiga Games coming to the App Store, compatible with iOS 7 game controllers

Classic gaming fans rejoice, Amiga Games has today announced distribution of its catalog of titles through the App Store in time for the 2013 holiday season. Better yet, with iOS 7 each and every one will be compatible with game controllers, as confirmed by Patrick Roberts, President of Amiga Games:

With support coming in iOS 7 for game controllers, Apple devices are perfect for our company's classic gaming titles.

Customized for iOS, and with support for iOS 7 game controllers sounds like a winner to us. There's nothing in the way of details at this point, but needless to say we're pretty excited for launch day. Anyone else? Check out the full press release at the link below.

Source: Marketwired

Richard Devine

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  • I used to have an Amiga 500, then an Amiga 2000HD. "Weird Dreams" was one of my favorite Amiga computer games.
  • Seems odd they don't mention any games they control the rights to, as popular Amiga games of the time were almost all from independent publishers- whereas Atari, Nintendo and Sega had significant titles of their own. Without that, it doesn't mean much.
  • Never had an Amiga or a C64 for that matter but always remember Uridium!
  • Remember Moonstone?
  • So Sensible Soccer, Creatures and Turrican are coming. Great! :)
  • Shadow of the Beast!
  • Vyper (similar to Galaga) and Rise of the Dragon were two other good ones.