Angry Birds Space updates with 10 new levels

The popular Rovio game Angry Birds Space has been updated with 10 new volcanic levels. The story is that the Bad Piggies are still hiding out on the fire planet with the Mars Curiosity Rover and there's a new boss level that features the robotic explorer.

The 10 new levels of Angry Birds Spaces are on the Red Planet and include a Mars Curiosity Rover boss level. Also if you get all three stars on all levels, a new antenna egg level will be unlocked and if you find the hidden rover, you'll unlock a super-secret bonus level. There is also a new space eagle bonus level in each episode that; if you get 100% on the space eagle destruction meter, you'll unlock 5 new levels.

Are you having fun with the new Angry Birds Space levels? Speaking of Angry Birds, there's only 6 more days until the release of Angry Birds Star Wars!

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Leanna Lofte

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