A long time ago -- in mobile years -- in a country far, far away -- unless you live in Finland -- a small company called Rovio created a game called Angry Birds which went on to become a franchise, and is now trading slingshots for light-slings with the mother of all modern franchises -- Star Wars.

On November 8, the Angry Birds and Star Wars universes will collide, in our best game to date. https://angrybirds.tumblr.com/?ref=starwars#=

It doesn't stop there though, we'll have a whole host of toys, animations and other Angry Birds Star Wars goodness to enjoy! So, watch the video a few times, follow our https://angrybirds.tumblr.com/#= page and check back every day - this is just the beginning.

May the birds be with you

Not much else is know at this point, but I'm guessing we'll see Pig Vader at the very least, along with a Lark Birdwalker and maybe a Hawk Solo? Either way, it'll be interesting to see how long it takes to X-Wing a Rebel bird bomb down the chute to blow the wooden Death Star into 3-star earning oblivion.

We'll find out in a month.

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