App Giveaway: Pod Odyssey

Pod Odyssey is a new iPhone and iPad app by Coffee Pot Labs. The goal of the game is to guide a lost space POD though the levels while completing missions and avoiding danger.

I've enjoyed my short time playing Pod Odyssey. The tilt controls are difficult to master, but with time and practice, I believe they would be the best choice. I don't that have kind of patience, however, so I chose one of the many different touch controls options and was able to instantly enjoy the game.

Use your galactic pilot skills to guide a lost space POD through a series of jagged cosmic mazes, evil missile-shooting robots and homing space spiders.

  • 27 unlockable levels
  • Addictive & Challenging game play
  • Tilt controls
  • Touch controls (several alternatives)
  • Dual mission goals
  • Easy controls (a 6 year-old can play)
  • Unique Sci-Fi graphics and artwork
  • Custom soundtrack & SFX
  • EMP to knock out enemies
  • Power Shield


The gold folks at Coffee Pot Labs have given us 5 promo codes for Pod Odyssey to give away to you, our awesome readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below!

Pod Odyssey is available on the iPhone and iPad for $0.99.

[App Store link]

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