App Giveaway: SOULCALIBUR for iPhone and iPad

The popular arcade fighting game, SOULCALIBUR, has just hit the App Store! It is a universal app for iPhone and iPad and includes all 19 characters with all the original moves recreated as well as six games modes: arcade battle, time attack, survival, extra survival, museum, and practice.

"SOULCALIBUR" series is available on theiOS. Enjoythe memorable characters and non-stop action SOULCALIBUR is famed for with complete arcade fidelity in the comfort of your own home!

Relive the eternal tale of swords and souls transcending time and space.

  • 19 characters in total!
  • All character moves faithfully recreated!

Game Modes

  • ARCADE BATTLE - The original battle mode from the arcade version of "Soul Calibur." Defeat all enemies to make it to the end of the game.
  • TIME ATTACK - How fast can you beat the game?
  • SURVIVAL - With only a limited amount of life, how many opponents can you defeat?
  • EXTRA SURVIVAL - How many opponents can you can defeat with single-hit kills?
  • MUSEUM - Enjoy viewing a variety of artwork.
  • PRACTICE - Learn the game's basic system and techniques.


The folks here at iMore are just as excited about SOULCALIBUR as you, so in celebration of its release, we're gifting the game to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below! (Must have US iTunes account to win. Apple's rule, not ours!)

SOULCALIBUR is available on the iPhone and iPad and is launching on sale for $11.99.

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