Apple launches App Store Hall of Fame

Apple has launched a new section of the iTunes App Store, a Hall of Fame, containing everything iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad from Angry Birds to Zen Bound 2. There are around 50 apps honored so far (the exact number might vary based on availability in your region) and includes news, travel, sports, entertainment, productivity, and of course, lots of great games.

It's not a true Hall of Fame in that apps as recent as last month's Cut the Rope game are included. It would have been nice if it were a more classic version of the concept, including titles like Twitterrific, which existed even before the App Store), and Trism, which was one of the first games to show just how big an indie developer could succeed on the iPhone, and Urban Spoon which made even food selection fun. But there are some great, popular apps in there.

Curious to see what Apple considers Hall of Fame material? Check out the link below then tell us what you think!

[Apple App Store Hall of Fame - iTunes link]

Rene Ritchie

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