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Rumor roundup

Apple Pencil 2: What's next for Apple's most creative tool

The No. 2 Pencil is coming — even if Apple doesn't call it that!
Rene Ritchie

For the last couple of years, all we've had are Apple Pencil 2 dreams. Now, just ahead of Apple's October More in the Making Event, legit rumors about the next generation of don't-call-it-a-stylus-or-you-blew-it are finally making the rounds.

October 28, 2018: New design, new gesture button

Kuo Ming Chi last week, via MacRumors

Kuo says that we can expect to see two new iPad Pro models that are equipped with USB-C, improved displays, and an Apple Pencil with a new design. Further details were not shared on what improvements to expect with the displays or what a redesigned Apple Pencil might look like.

Mark Gurman also touched on a new Pencil for Bloomberg:

  • An updated Apple Pencil, succeeding the original version launched in 2015.

Though both reports are light on details, Guilherme Rambo has teased more on Twitter:

And Steve Troughton-Smith:

Still no word on lengths, colors, tips, or anything else in terms of style or flexibility. (And I know, PHRASING, but we're all adults and artists here, so I'll trust you to comport yourselves accordingly.)

Update: Well, this could be the design!

What do you want to see in Apple Pencil 2?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Apple Pencil 2: What's next for Apple's most creative tool

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