5 Apple deals you won't find on Prime Day — How to get an Apple TV, HomePod, and more for less

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Want to see the best deals before the sale? Take a look at the best Prime Day offers so far:

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While you might already be scouring the internet for the best Prime Day Apple deals on the market, you might have noticed that not every Apple item is available. 

Amazon boasts an extensive list of Apple products including all of Apple’s best MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watch models. However, there are a few key products that the company doesn’t sell for a variety of reasons. That means you’re also not going to find them in the Amazon Prime Day sales. 

Fret not, however, we’ve rounded up a list of all the notable absentees and some great alternative outlets to pick them up if you’re in the market. Notably, Apple TV and HomePod are included, as well as Apple’s most expensive product, and one of its cheapest… 

Here are all the Apple deals you won’t find on Prime Day, and where to shop them instead. 

 M1 MacBook Air 

The M1 MacBook Air has been a cult hero of Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday since its release in 2020. Apple’s lightest MacBook has been ripe for some incredible discounts over the years and has been the cheapest way to buy an Apple silicon laptop for some time. 

Sadly, in 2024, it no longer retails on Amazon as a new product. You can find it refurbished at Amazon for just $600, but if you want a brand-new one, spending a little bit more at Walmart is the way to go. 

You can pick up the M1 MacBook Air for just $649, replete with all-day battery life, and support for macOS Sequoia with Apple Intelligence, coming later this year. 

MacBook Air M1 | $999$649 at Walmart

MacBook Air M1 | $999 $649 at Walmart

While not the most powerful MacBook that money can buy, it’s still got it where it counts — and this price is almost like robbery. The $350 discount is on all the different colors as well, so you’ll get an incredible price no matter which option you want to go for.

Apple TV 4K 

The Apple TV 4K has always been elusive on Amazon. These days you’ll find the odd renewed one, but they sometimes wind up costing more than new ones from other outlets. The Apple TV 4K hasn’t been refreshed in a couple of years, but it’s still a fantastic hub of entertainment and one of my personal favorite Apple products. 

While it is available elsewhere, discounts are incredibly hard to come by. We once saw a very rare Verizon Apple TV discount of $89.99, but right now your best bet is B&H Photo, which has $5 off each model.

Apple TV 4K (2022) 64GB |$129.99 $124.99 at B&H Photo

Apple TV 4K (2022) 64GB |$129.99 $124.99 at B&H Photo

This is the best Apple TV you can buy, and it comes with a tiny $5 discount, the best to be found online right now. Enjoy live content in 4K with a snappy interface and a very handy remote. 


Like the Apple TV, Apple’s HomePod and HomePod 2 can’t be found on Amazon. Apple’s premium smart speaker, unveiled in January 2023, built on the success of the first model and was one of our favorite products of last year. It boasts immense audio quality and great sound, AirPlay, and more. 

The best deal we’ve seen recently is this $279 discount at B&H Photo, which is about standard. You won’t any heftier discounts than that I’m afraid.


HomePod 2 | $299 $279 at B&H Photo

Savings on the HomePod 2 are rare, this $20 discount at B&H Photo is the best discount we've seen on the smart speaker this summer. 

HomePod mini 

Like its big brother, you also won’t find Apple’s colorful HomePod mini on Amazon. This diminutive smart speaker packs a real punch and is the perfect foundation of a good smart home. While it’s not going to show up in any Amazon Prime Day deals, B&H Photo again stocks it with a very slight $5 discount. 


HomePod mini | $99 $95 at B&H Photo

The HomePod mini is the super compact HomePod, and it’s currently just $95, a small saving on a small speaker. 

Vision Pro

Finally, Apple Vision Pro is definitely not going to show up on Amazon Prime Day. That’s because the only place you can buy one is the Apple Store. If you’re lucky enough to own one already, or you’re thinking of taking the leap soon, you can find a decent swathe of accessories on Amazon, including some Prime Day discounts, if you know where to look!

Apple Vision Pro | $3,499

Apple Vision Pro | $3,499

One of the biggest launches in Apple’s history could be yours for $3,499 — if you’ve the cash to hand. You can buy one now, although you'll have a complicated order process to get one sorted.

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