These Black Friday Apple deals are the perfect early Christmas gifts for your loved ones

Christmas Black Friday deals
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Christmas — movies, cake, turkey, stuffing, sprouts… and presents. Waking up and running downstairs to find those presents under the tree on Christmas morning remains one of life's greatest pleasures no matter how old you might be, immortalized in the likes of The Polar Express.

Where to find the best Apple Black Friday deals

One of the best things to unwrap from under that green conical tree is an Apple product. A new pair of AirPods, a shiny new Apple TV 4K, an iPhone 15 — or, if you’ve been really good this year, a lovely new MacBook wrapped up in glittering paper. The problem, of course, is that they don’t just walk there themselves, and Santa doesn’t seem to bring them.

That’s where these Black Friday Apple deals come in — they reduce the prices on those ever-expensive Apple products, making it a little cheaper to get a hold of them for Christmas day. You avoid the Christmas and Holiday rush as well, as lots of people haven’t even begun to think about Christmas yet, let alone what they might get for someone.

So before you panic about getting those gifts under the tree, take a look at some of the best Christmas gift ideas and deals over Black Friday, and how you can save some money on your family gifting.

Get ready for Christmas with these Black Friday deals

AirPods 2 | $129$79 at Amazon

AirPods 2 | $129 $79 at Amazon

The AirPods 2 are the perfect gift for someone who wants a super pocketable pair of earbuds. They don’t have the Noise canceling of the AirPods Pro 2 or the Spatial Audio of the AirPods 3, but they’re a solid pair of buds that are going to be perfect for most people. This deal doesn’t quite make them a stocking filler, but it sure does make them a little cheaper to get under the tree this holiday season.

Price check: $89 at Best Buy | N/A at Target

iPad mini | $499$399 at Amazon

iPad mini | $499 $399 at Amazon

The iPad mini is an incredible tablet, and one that anyone would be excited to see sitting under the tree. This price makes it almost the cheapest it’s ever been, although over Prime Day it was around $20 cheaper. Either way, this is still an incredible saving on one of our favorite tablets ever, and it would make for a wicked gift.

Price check: $399 at Best Buy | $399 at Target

MacBook Air M1 | $999$749 at Amazon

MacBook Air M1 | $999 $749 at Amazon

Who wouldn’t want a MacBook under the Christmas tree, let's face it. They’re excellent machines for doing a little bit of everything, be that typing away on university research papers, watching some YouTube videos, or editing the latest hit from your musical side hustle. This deal is the lowest price that the MacBook Air M1 has ever been, and makes it an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t need the most powerful computer that money can buy.

Price check: $749 at Best Buy | N/A at Target

More Black Friday Christmas gift ideas

It’s not just Apple products that are reduced over Black Friday — there are loads to find with something for everyone. A new pair of headphones? You’re sorted. Some cool smart home tech? You’re catered for. A new TV? No problem at all. The only problem is working out what you want to buy your family for Christmas — or hoping that those hints finally worked, and that what you want is in the sale…

Sony WH-1000XM5 | $399$328 at Amazon

Sony WH-1000XM5 | $399 $328 at Amazon

These Sony headphones are an absolute corker, bringing incredible noise canceling and wicked noise canceling to the table. They’re a great option for a big gift for someone, and they’ll last them ages — my WH-1000XM4s, the previous version, are still going strong three years after I got myself a pair. This isn’t the lowest they’ve ever been, with a slight blip earlier this year, but it’s still a great price for a great pair of headphones.

Price check: $329 at Best Buy | $329 at Target

Nanoleaf Shapes | $219 $189 at Amazon

Nanoleaf Shapes | $219 $189 at Amazon

The Nanoleaf shapes are some of our favorite smart lights, with their buildable style and great customization. Lighting can get boring when you just stick a bedside table lamp by the side of your bed or a white light bulb in a fitting, but the Shapes prove that lighting can be super fun. Slip a box of these under the Christmas tree and you’ll make someone's whole year.

Price check: $189 at Best Buy | $199 at Target

Marshall Emberton II | $169$119 at Amazon

Marshall Emberton II | $169 $119 at Amazon

How about a cool, retro-styled Bluetooth speaker for a loved one this Christmas? It’s a slick-looking thing this, and it sounds epic to boot — all while costing less thanks to this Black Friday deal. That’s the lowest ever price too, so you know you’re getting a monster deal on the speaker. The perfect gift for that family member who loves music: Just be sure to remind them that volume control can go up and down.

Price check: $119 at Best Buy | $119 at Target

SanDisk 2TB Portable SSD | $134$91 at Amazon

SanDisk 2TB Portable SSD | $134 $91 at Amazon

Extra storage is always appreciated, especially if you’re a video editor or content creator. 2TB is a lot of extra space to store projects as well, and buying it for someone means they won’t need to buy it themselves — always a bonus when you’re spending loads of your own money to keep your business/hobby going. This deal is a great saving on some very fast storage as well, so you’re getting a good deal to boot.

Price check: $99 at Best Buy | $99 at Target

Amazon Kindle | $99$79 at Amazon

Amazon Kindle | $99 $79 at Amazon 

Is someone in your family a big reader? Then maybe a Kindle will be right up their street. This is a good deal on the best e-reader around, and it will make reading e-books more like reading a real book thanks to its e-ink display. The lowest model Kindle has pretty much everything you’d ever need out of a Kindle as well — there’s a backlight, for example, a feature previously reserved for the more costly models. This deal is a fabulous saving on a wicked device.

Price check: $79 at Best Buy | $79 at Target


Sony 55” Class BRAVIA XR X90L | $1148 $898 at Walmart

Maybe someone has been really well-behaved this year, and they need something to show them how much they mean to you — and what better way than a brand new telly? This Sony Bravia set is a 4K monster, with LED backlighting and a large 55-inch panel. This is a super saving as well, making it a little cheaper to get under the tree — if it fits, of course.

Price check: $899 at Best Buy | N/A at Target

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