Throwback or Knockoff — this iPod lookalike is in the Black Friday sale

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The iPod. At this point in time, it may not be as desirable as it ever was, but it still retains a presence in the consciousness of pretty much everyone who was alive and aware from the year 2001 to… well, now. That click wheel holds a special place in my heart, that’s for sure, and it’s likely that you’ve seen it even if you haven’t used it.

It looks like one company also remembers the click wheel, as they’ve stuck something similar on the front of its MP3 player — and it resembles one of Apple’s now discontinued iPod classic models.

iPod lookalike…

Innioasis MP3 Player $55$47 at Amazon

Innioasis MP3 Player | $55 $47 at Amazon

This is an MP3 player, so don’t expect a 2023 phone experience when you grab one. This isn’t a spectacular deal either, but it does make getting something that looks like an iPod in 2023 a little cheaper than it might otherwise have been. Given my experience with these players, however, I do have one little piece of advice — avoid.

Devices like this tend to be cheaply made, out of cheap parts and then sold to you, the unsuspecting end-user, for a cheap price. This thing has all the hallmarks of a cut-price device that you shouldn’t be plugging your nice wireless headphones into.

If you want something good that's dedicated to music, then you’re going to have to spend a lot more money. If you don’t mind about sound quality, then a headphone dongle and some decent headphones plugged into your iPhone 15 are going to do just fine. For those looking for more, I have just the Black Friday saving for you.

Fiio M11S |$499$399 at Amazon

Fiio M11S | $499 $399 at Amazon

The M11S isn’t the top of Fiio’s lineup, but it’s still a stunning piece of kit. It’s based on Android, and can power extremely demanding headphones. $100 off this player is a great deals, and nets you a premium sound device for less than you might otherwise spend.

I’ve tried Fiio’s incredible M15S player, and that was an absolute monster of sound reproduction. The M11S might not have quite the same amount of power as the M15S, but it will take all kinds of different headphone connectors and then play your hi-res tracks with aplomb. It also looks pretty cool, if that’s important to you. Alas, no clickwheel. 

Of course, if you just want to listen to music, then one of the best Black Friday AirPods deals with your iPhone are going to work just fine. 

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