44% of Apps Tested by Apple on iPad are Games

According to Analytics firm Flurry 44% of apps tested by Apple for the iPad are games. Ever since the release of the iPhone SDK, gaming and the iPhone have gone hand-in-hand so it really does not come to a surprise that the iPad is aiming be a popular platform choice among game developers as well.

Coming in at second place with 14% of the pie is the entertainment category and then social networking with 7% of the apps, sports 6%, travel 5%, etc.

If the Flurry data is accurate It seems gamers on April 3rd will be pretty happy customers as there does not seem to be any shortage of gaming titles. And don't think the competition hasn't noticed. Nintendo has jus announced that in 2011 they will be releasing their follow up to the DS with the 3DS - a glasses-free 3D handheld device.

A 3D handheld does sound pretty intriguing, how does a 3D second generation iPad sound? Doubtful but we can dream.

IM Staff

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