Today we are trying something a little different; usually we like to bring you some worthy apps that have recently dropped in price or are currently on sale. Well for today's edition we are bringing you some apps to check out that are completely free.

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This first freebie, Wanted Poster Maker, [iTunes Link] is worth a look if you like making friends and family look funny while placing them on a Old West wanted poster [like our own Dead Eye Dieter - ed] ...


blockquote>Create your own Old West Wanted posters! Select a picture or take a new one and customize the text. You can also customize the picture by adding mustaches, hats and many more cool props. Once you add a prop to your picture, you can scale and rotate it by using your fingers (pinch gesture). More props will be added in future free upgrades.

Next up is a app that our very own Alienwhere, from TiPb forums gave us a link to, MINI Liquid Assets. [iTunes Link]


blockquote>It is based on a child's water game - you know the kind - where you have a toy filled with water, and you push buttons to force small items into/onto something else? (I had a basketball one, and one where you had to drop rings onto little posts as a kid...) I personally did the sound design (music/effects/etc) for the project, and we worked very hard to make it as fun as possible while sticking to the branding of the product and meeting the needs of our client. We designed our own physics engine and tweaked every aspect of it that we could to make it as true to form as possible, while still meeting our deadlines.

Last but not least, we have the current top free app in the App Store, Falling Balls. [iTunes Link] This is a very simplistic yet strangely addicting game. Worth checking out and best of all it's free!


blockquote>This one’s a freebie. It’s actually based on a Flash experiment I did way back in October or 2001. As a matter of fact, I opened up that original FLA and ripped out the frame by frame graphics of the running stick figure guy, pasted them into Fireworks and saved them out as pngs for use in the iPhone game. So, despite what it looks like, this game has been in development for over 7 years


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