This is the one Prime Day deal Beats fans need to see

Beats Studio Buds Case
Beats Studio Buds Case (Image credit: Rene Ritchie)

It's not often that you can find Beats Studio Buds on sale, but now is one of those times. For Prime Day, the highly-rated true wireless headphones are available for just $100. That's $50 off the regular price. The sale covers five color options: black, Moon Gray, red, white, and Ocean Blue.

First launched in 2021, the Beats Studio Buds. The earbuds are similar to Apple's own AirPods Pro in functionality although they don't support spatial audio or wireless charging. They do support active noise cancellation technology, however, as well as the ever-impressive Transparency mode.

Colorful choice

Beats Studio Buds | 33% off

Beats Studio Buds | 33% off

The Beats Studio Buds are Beat's latest truly wireless earbuds that bring noise cancelation and a surprising amount of compatibility with Android.

Beats Studio Buds Color Cropped

Beats Studio Buds Color Cropped (Image credit: Beats)

The Beats Studio Buds include dual-beam forming microphones and on-device controls. Additionally, they provide eight hours of playtime between charges. The included charging case can hold up to 24 hours of total charging time. With active noise canceling (ANC) and Transparency Mode, these are very similar to the AirPods Pro — but for much less.

Beats is owned by Apple, so they'll work with one-touch pairing with your Apple device. That being said, if you have an Android device or use a PC, they'll pair well there too. These are the headphones to get if you want the Apple branding or the flashy colors, but want the flexibility to use them with other devices. They also don't have the stem that you see with the AirPods; if you want a different design for your earbuds, now's your chance.

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