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amiibo lovers, we get you. You're the kind of players who want to unlock as many characters, gameplay modes, secrets, and outfits as possible, and we respect that! Of course, having those sweet collectible figurines is just a bonus, and they work with plenty of games on the Nintendo Switch. Sometimes showing off your amiibo collection and displaying them safely is a priority, so let's take a look at the best display cases for amiibo that get the job done right!

Crostice Acrylic Rise Amiibo

Classic and contemporary: Crostice Funko Pop Display Stand

Staff Pick

Some things never go out of style, and that includes this classic acrylic riser. At 12-by-9-inches, you can display up to four amiibo on each shelf depending on their size and shape. Also, the clear frame will ensure it doesn't look messy.

$18 at Amazon
Source One Pink Risers Amiibo

Make it pop: Source One LLC Acrylic Jewelry Risers

If you want to make your amiibo pop with a pop of color, these jewelry risers are perfect. Choose from various colors to customize your look, but remember that they are just under 5 inches wide. Each riser will only have room for one amiibo.

Plymor Clear Acrylic Case Amiibo

The singular show-off: Plymor Small Acrylic Display Case

While there are plenty of single acrylic display cases, we like this one with a hardwood look. It feels a bit fancier, like something you'd see in a museum. Why not use it for your personal amiibo museum? It's perfect if you have an amiibo that you're proud of or one that's really rare. At 4-by-4-by-4 inches, it will store all but the largest amiibo figurines, like Meta Knight or Bowser.

$36 at Amazon
Display Gifts Card Case Amiibo

Card-carrying member: DisplayGifts Graded Sports Card Display Case

Some amiibo users prefer easy-to-store cards over figurines, and that's okay, too. This acrylic case with anti-fade UV protection will show off and protect your cards at the same time. Plus, the lipped edges on each shelf will keep the cards from sliding down flat. The frame itself is 23.75-by-32.25-by-2.25 inches, and it's wall-mountable.

$80 at Amazon
Illumibox Amiibo Display Case

Light it up: Illumibox MJ14001 Showcase

If you've got an amiibo you really love, why not super show it off using a light-up display case? For a reasonable price, you can really shine on a spotlight with this LED display case. The dimensions are big enough to store up to two amiibo inside, depending on the size and shape.

Gems On Display Amiibo Risers

Rising tall: Leatherette Risers Set by Gems

For small collections, this leatherette set of display risers is a great option. The stands can be arranged in any formation you like, and the black color is a subtle and refined choice that'll keep the focus on your figures. At just over 4 inches, there's no amiibo too big for these risers.

The best amiibo display case for you

When it comes down to it, your final choice comes down to space, budget, and your collection size. There are always plenty of new amiibo out there, and sometimes you want to show them off. If you have a lot to display, our top pick is the Crostice Funko Pop Display Stand. It's simple, and it displays multiple amiibo at once, which you could organize by game, type, or perk added. The single acrylic piece means there's no complicated assembly, and you are less likely to lose pieces. Plus, you can place it on larger surfaces like a table, desk, or dresser.

If you want to color-coordinate or make a room more interesting with accent colors, choose the Source One LLC Acrylic Jewelry Risers. Select your favorite color and show off those bright amiibo in a fun, creative way, and arrange the movable risers side by side on a bookshelf or dresser, place them in a diagonal grouping on a table, or any other pattern you like.

Anyone wanting a little extra drama, though, should pick up the llumibox MJ14001 Showcase. It's perfect for showing off a super rare amiibo that deserves a real spotlight, and at such an affordable price, why wouldn't you spring for the added flair of a light-up box?

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