The Hyperkin NES Controller to NES Classic Edition Adapter is the best we've found because it allows you to use original NES controllers with your Classic Edition with no issues. It even works with joysticks and other peripherals.

Our pick

Hyperkin NES Controller to NES Classic Edition Adapter

Old-school cool

Hyperkin's adapter works flawlessly with original NES controllers you have around the house. It also works with joysticks, like the NES Advantage, and other peripherals.

Who should buy this controller adapter?

Anyone who still has original NES controllers somewhere around the house or in storage, and prefers their original controllers. If you also have the NES Advantage joystick, other fighting sticks or peripherals, and want to use them with your NES Classic Edition, then you should look into this adapter.

Is it a good time to buy this adapter?

Since the NES Classic is easy to find in stock right now (finally), a lot of people are able to pick it up whenever they want to. Not many people may have the original NES controllers and peripherals though, so we should expect this adapter to be in stock on Amazon for quite a while. The Hyperkin site, while cheaper than Amazon, is currently out of stock, but you'll want to check back frequently.

Reasons to buy

  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Works with original NES controllers
  • Also works with original NES joysticks and other peripherals

Reasons not to buy

  • The NES Classic comes with a controller that works, although it's just a bit short.
  • There aren't a lot of 2-player games on the NES Classic so you don't really need more than one controller.

Why would I need an adapter for my NES Classic Edition?

Unfortunately, your initial NES Classic Edition purchase comes with one controller. But hey, the NES Classic isn't a new console, it's just a miniaturized version of a super old one. Maybe you still have that original NES laying around somewhere in the house. If you have the original, then you should still have a controller or two for it, right?

With the adapter, you can plug it into the controller port on the NES Classic Edition, and then plug in your old-school NES controller into the dongle. This allows it to work with the NES Classic Edition, so you don't need to purchase another controller to go with the system — it just works with your existing equipment.

If you have your original NES controllers, then Hyperkin's adapter allows you to use them with your NES Classic.

If you have the original NES Advantage Joystick somewhere, or any other joystick that worked with the original NES, then yes, you can use it with your NES Classic Edition too, as long as you have the Hyperkin NES Controller to NES Classic Adapter plugged in.

Since the joysticks from back in the day used the same plug as a standard NES controller, all you need to do is plug it in and play! Additionally, any other original NES or Famicom peripherals and accessories will work with the adapter as long as it has the same plug as the standard NES controller.

Unfortunately, since the NES and SNES used different plugs for the controllers, this adapter only works for the NES Classic Edition and original NES/Famicom peripherals.

Alternatives to the Hyperkin NES Controller to NES Classic Adapter

If you're looking for something other than the Hyperkin adapter, there are some alternatives to check out.


May Flash NES/SNES Controller Adapter

Pick your favorite controller

This adapter is about the same price as Hyperkin's solution. It works with original NES and SNES controllers, so you can pick whichever one you prefer. It also has compatibility with peripherals.

This adapter from May Flash is very similar to Hyperkin's in functionality and price. The name isn't as familiar to us as Hyperkin is, but the adapter works with both original NES and SNES controllers, and it should also work with peripherals and joysticks.

Value pick

Retro 8 NES Classic to Original NES Video Game Adapter

The affordable option

This adapter from Retro 8 works with your NES Classic Edition or Wii U. It plugs into the port and lets you plug in an original NES controller to use with the console. Plus it has the same functionality has other adapters.

This simple adapter works with original NES controllers or other Retro 8 Pro controllers. However, we're not completely positive if it works with the NES Advantage joystick or other peripherals.

Bottom line

The Hyperkin NES Controller to NES Classic Adapter is still our favorite because the company is pretty well-known in the third-party retro console world, and releases quality products for retro gamer fans. Their adapter works with the original controllers and peripherals, so we can unleash our inner child whenever we want.

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