Hours of entertainment are just a download away! Check out these excellent iPhone games.

With the seemingly endless amount of games you can get on the App Store, there is bound to be something for everyone. Whether you consider yourself a hardcore gamer, a casual gamer, or anything in between, there are amazing iPhone games just a download away.

Here are some of my top picks across several different popular gaming categories on the App Store.

Endless/Auto-Runner games

Endless runners are wildly popular due to their simple controls and the ability to replay them over and over again without being the same. Plus, most endless runners don't progress forward in any sort of story, making them easier to pick up and play for a brief amount of time.

Alto's Adventure

Alto's adventure

Beautiful art design mixed with a rich, calming soundtrack makes Alto's Adventure stand out in the ocean of endless runner games on the App Store.

You'll join Alto, a llama herder, on his snowboard as he slides downward on the Alps, rounding up the wooly creatures. The game includes a challenge system and a plethora of unlockable characters, making it entertaining every time you load it up. Plus, the announced sequel, Alto's Odyssey, will hit the App Store sometime this year. Wax up your board and hit the slopes so you can continue Alto's story later in 2017!

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run marked the first appearance of one of the world's most famous plumbers into the mobile gaming world, and it's a stellar game.

Nintendo designed Super Mario Run with the on-the-go lifestyle in mind, you can play the entire game with just one thumb, making it extremely easy to play almost anywhere. Plus, there is a ton to do!

The World Tour mode takes you through 24 unique levels as Mario travels to save Princess Peach from his nemesis Bowser, while the infinitely replayable Toad Rally mode has you compete with players from around the world to collect the most coins within the time limit. Add in the Kingdom builder, unlockable characters, and plenty of secret coins to collect, and you'll be putting hours into this game before you know it.

Sports games

Every sport has an offseason and it always seems to take forever, especially when your team doesn't make the playoffs. Luckily, there are games for practically every sport. Some of them are extremely realistic and some are just fun modification on a classic sport, but both are awesome to have in your pocket.

Snowboard Party: World Tour Pro

Snowboard Party: World Tour Pro is a surprisingly exciting snowboarding game that has a lot of depth. With five game modes, 50 unique tricks to perform, and 16 playable characters, there are a lot of reasons to keep playing.

Despite being a slightly older game, Snowboard Party's graphics are still pretty impressive, and the game hasn't been abandoned by the developer. The newest version updated about a month ago.

Snowboard Party: World Tour Pro is the closest thing you will be able to get to those classic SSX snowboard games you used to play on your favorite console. - $1.99 - Download Now

Super Stickman Golf 3

The third installment in the Super Stickman Golf series is everything the first two were and more. It's an incredibly fun multiplayer game that takes an interesting spin on golf.

A combination of fun mechanics makes the game stay fresh. Using ice balls to freeze lakes, sticky balls to hang from the top of floating islands, and Mulligan power-ups to avoid getting eaten by spinning wheels of death, are just some of the wacky things that will keep you teeing up your drives over and over again.

RPG games

Role-playing games are so wide in variety that it's hard to pick only a couple to feature, but when it comes to finding a game that you can sink an abundance of time into, RPGs are second to none.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a stellar game through and through. Whether you're a fan of the long-running Fire Emblem series or a complete newcomer, Nintendo has beautifully designed a game that keeps both groups happy. While game progression has all the hallmarks of a typical freemium game, you won't need to shell out any money to enjoy 98% of what the game has to offer, which is a lot more than I can say for other free-to-play games.

Fire Emblem Heroes is visually amazing. All the cutscenes and dialogue show all the characters in their full anime glory and no detail is left out. The brightly colored suits of armor, the impossibly saturated hues of hair, and the insane eye-to-face ratio of each character is present in abundance.

Read my full review of Fire Emblem Heroes to see even more reasons why I love the game!

Ticket to Earth

Ticket to Earth is an incredible game and is a must-download for gamers everywhere, and I can't recommend it highly enough!

The story is littered with surprising plot twists, impactful characters, and a well-written narrative that will keep you invested in the rich world of New Providence and the people who populate the planet.

Beautifully designed graphics that blend the manga/comic book-style artwork with brightly colored backgrounds and landscape make Ticket to Earth pop off the screen in a delightful burst of colors, which never gets old.

An original battle system that breathes new life into the strategy RPG genre, the Movement system offers an incredibly deep and complex combat experience that never goes stale, as there is always new powers and abilities to acquire. It's refreshing to see a strategy RPG that heavily relies on the strategy part of its genre. Ticket to Earth will kill you if you're not careful, you must examine the map carefully and choose your action wisely, or you'll be doomed to repeat the same mission over and over again. It can be mildly frustrating as you're still learning the game, but it's wildly entertaining the whole time.

Platformer games

Jumping from platform to platform, hanging from ledge to ledge, and running from side to side is what platformers are all about. Once again, this a genre that is packed full of titles (especially ports of classic games). However, two newer games have made my top picks.

Star Knight

Star Knight

Star Knight is a beautiful looking game and has a soothing soundscape behind all of its levels, making it pretty relaxing to play … even though you're frequently hacking and slashing through enemies.

There are a ton of levels (even more are on the way), and the gameplay is simple, but the difficulty curve is steep. A combination of tricky obstacles, enemies with lots of health, and the relatively low damage your character does all contribute to Star Knight's overall challenge level.

You can see my complete thoughts on Star Knight by reading my review.

Mikey Shorts

Mikey ShortsMikey Shorts

Mikey Shorts is a good, old-fashioned style platform game made specifically for mobile devices. Players run, jump, and avoid bad guys while collecting coins and looking for the hidden golden shorts. You can play casual, taking your time getting to know the best route, then blast through it with speed and precision in order to get the coveted three-star score. The game bundle includes Mikey Hooks and Mikey Boots, which you can get at a discounted price of only a dollar per game.

Strategy games

Games that require you to think critically and always be two steps ahead of your opponent are the best strategy games. While some gamers find strategy games too difficult to get going, people who love them are looking for a challenge, and my picks will certainly satisfy in that respect.

Clash of Clans

Clash of ClansClash of Clans

The goal of Clash of Clans is to be the biggest, baddest township in the land. You build up a fortified stronghold, where you mine for gold and health elixirs. Then, you train up an army and invade the outlying goblin outposts. The more you destroy, the better it is for your livelihood. But, don't think that just because you have killed off neighboring goblins you are safe. They come from all over to try to steal your gold. You can form an alliance with other real-life players to create a unstoppable clan, or fight against them to steal their trophies.


What do you get when you mix Tinder with the King of the fictional kingdom? The wonderfully sadistic choose-your-own-adventure game Reigns.

Reigns will crown you a king and then force you to make decisions by swiping left or right (thus my Tinder quip), that almost always lead to your untimely death in increasingly interesting ways. Doomed to repeat his life over and over while attempting to find a way to lift a curse, you'll have to balance the needs of your kingdom with those of the church, military, and your greed.

Your first playthrough will probably leave you a little dejected, but there is good news: You can do it all over again times infinity!

Open world games

Massive games that allow you to explore brand new worlds, open world games are typically games that people can spend hours upon hours of time playing. Sometimes they are even designed to never really have an ending; it's all about interacting with the virtual world around you.

The Witness

If you're looking for a challenging and beautifully designed open world game, The Witness is a solid choice for any gamer.

You wake up on a mysterious island with no idea where you are or even who you are. Your only option is to explore the island around you and uncover clues to the real reason you find yourself stranded.

With more than 500 puzzles to find and solve and a vast island to explore, The Witness will keep you enthralled for hours on end.

Red's Kingdom

I can't recommend Red's Kingdom highly enough. You may find it weird that a puzzle game is in the "open world" section, but when you play it, you'll understand that's it's so much more than meets the eye.

You play as Red, a toothy red squirrel, who is on a mission to retrieve his Golden Nut from the Mad King Mac. Oh, did I mention he also kidnapped Red's father? You'll need to solve the puzzles in each room to progress through the story.

Throughout Red's Kingdom, you will encounter colorful characters, collect cool special abilities, and get to warp around 17 unique areas, making this puzzle game feel way more like an old school Zelda game than anything else.

Indie games

Games created by indie studios will always have a special place in my heart, because the games are typically unique and I like to think they're crafted with love. Indie games are sometimes overlooked, but plenty of great indie games have made it to the forefront of the App Store based on word of mouth. Check out our full list of the Best Indie game for iPhone and iPad.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery is an adventure game with a spooky story and a unique, rather intoxicating soundtrack.

It's hard to go into too much detail without spoiling the experience, but here's what I can tell you: Its 140-character story snippets are easy to toss on Twitter for co-op play. You can ask for help and lead your friends into the mystery of the Megatome and the Trigon Trifecta.

The pixel-art and stick figure sprites work well to add to the atmosphere the game creates, because everything is supposed to be unclear.

FTL: Faster Than Light

If you have ever wanted to command a spaceship FTL: Faster Than Light may be the game for you.

This procedurally-generated space simulation game will allow you to pilot ten different ships to travel across the galaxy and deliver valuable information to defeat the rebels. Of course, surviving the trip is a whole other story.

FTL is quite challenging — not to the point of pulling your hair out, but certainly gets close. If you manage to get through the entire game, it could only take you two hours. Each playthrough, however, brings a differents set of challenges, making FTL easy to replay time and time again.

Puzzle games

Puzzle games are some of the simplest games out there, but that doesn't mean they're too easy. Puzzle games usually aren't too adrenaline-inducing and make great games for kids and adults alike.

Ultra Flow 2

Ultra Flow 2's simplicity is probably its greatest strength. The game has a fun and engaging soundtrack and focuses more on hand-eye coordination than serious brain power.

That being said, it's still not easy. It's in the sweet spot: challenging enough that your mind gets a workout, but easy enough that you're never stuck on the same level for longer than a handful of cracks at it.

Mini Metro

Do you ever look at your city's public transportation and think you could design it better? Well, Mini Metro will let you try to create your own subway system.

Minimalist in design but complex in its mind-boggling puzzles, Mini Metro provides hours of fun — even if for some of those hours you will be scratching your head.

What do you think are the best iPhone games?

Games are subjective, and I want to know what you think! Leave a comment below or shoot me a Tweet and tell me what iPhone games you think are the best of the best.

Updated September 2017: I've added Ticket to Earth, The Witness, and Fire Emblem to the list and included the prices beside the download link!