Best games that support screen recording for iPhone and iPad

There are a few of ways to record gameplay on your iPhone or iPad, but the easiest way is to play a game that can do it for you! If a developer takes advantage of the iOS ReplayKit, the game itself will give you the option of recording your screen while you play the game

Not all games support ReplayKit, but here are some of my favorites.

Star Trek Timelines

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A must-have game for any true Star Trek fan, Star Trek Timelines will let you record all the space battles you want!

Temporal anomalies have appeared all over space and it's up to you to assemble a crew of all of your favorite Star Trek characters to restore peace and order to the galaxy!

Join in epic space battles with Romulans, embark on dangerous away missions with your very own redshirts, and explore the universe with Q to find resources to help you on your quest!

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a first-person military shooter that provides a console-like gaming experience right on your iPhone or iPad.

Beginning with a mission in Italy, the solo campaign follows Caydan Phoenix as he travels around the world to gun down plenty of soldiers of the World Liberation Army.

You can customize your soldier's loadout and special abilities, meaning you can adjust each mission to the play style you want to roll. As you increase your rank, you'll gain access to more weapons, giving you, even more, options to defeat your enemies.

No first-person shooter is complete without a robust multiplayer mode, and Modern Combat 5 offers it in spades with five game modes: Free for all, VIP, Squad Battle, Capture the flag, Zone control, and Cargo.

Lumino City

Lumino City is so beautiful; I won't blame you for wanting to record your gameplay just to look at it in awe.

The award-winning adventure puzzle game was entirely handmade, meaning all the puzzles you see in the game were physically made contraptions of paper, cardboard, glue, and even tiny motors.

Lumino City will test your brain as you venture beyond the city gates and discover new and exciting locales such as gardens in the sky, and houses dug into cliffs.

What better way to show your friend you can outsmart them but showing them video evidence of you completely some challenging puzzles!

Into the Dead

Into the Dead cleverly mixes endless runner themes with first-person-shooter action as you run through an endless swarm of flesh-eating zombies.

As you run through cornfields, forests, and grasslands you need to dodge zombies left and right, you can even pick up weapons on the along way to help you kill the zombies before they kill you!

The visuals are simple but utterly macabre, and it's the sound design of Into the Dead that makes it stand out. The growls of the zombie hoard, the heavy breathing of the hero, his footsteps through the cornfields, and even the screams when he gets eaten are all superb and make you feel tense as you're playing. I've personally never experienced a mobile game that does such a fantastic job of creating atmosphere.

Record yourself beating your high score and send it to your friends to make them jealous!

Goat Simulator

This wacky but super popular simulation game is known for getting up to hilarious hijinks, and you can record them all.

The main objective in Goat Simulator is to cause as much destruction as possible. Ram into cars, trample people on the ground, destroy any buildings you find, and create chaos!

Goat Simulator isn't a serious game. There's no real storyline, plot, or character development, but if you're looking to record some of the funniest clips you can find in an iOS game, Goat Simulator will provide more than you can handle!

Snowboard Party 2

Record yourself hitting the slopes and have video evidence of all your coolest moves!

Snowboard Party 2 is a surprisingly exciting snowboarding game that has a lot of depth. With five game modes, 50 unique tricks to perform, and 16 playable characters, there are a lot of reasons to keep playing.

Despite being a slightly older game, Snowboard Party 2's graphics are still pretty impressive, and the game runs super smoothly.

Snowboard Party 2 is the closest thing you will be able to get to those classic SSX Snowboard games you used to play on your favorite console.

Hungry Shark World

If you're into the survival-style games, then Hungry Shark World should provide enough madcap fun to keep you playing. You play a series of sharks (they get bigger as you progress and gain experience), and you basically just swim around eating fish, swimmers, scuba divers, other sharks, treasure, and more in an effort to stay alive. Stop eating for too long and you'll starve to death.

Hungry Shark World is constantly being updated with new maps, and you can equip your shark with all sorts of clothing, trinkets, and more in order to gain more gold, points, gems, and more. Once you get into the Mega sharks, you can do some serious damage, and recording your rampages makes for excellent YouTube fodder.

Which are your favorite games to record?

Do you like to record your gameplay? Tell us which game you like to record by leaving a comment below!

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