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Horror is a genre that delights in terrifying and scaring the pants off its fans, and horror games are no different. While there aren't dozens of options to choose from, PlayStation 4 has a decent catalog of different horror games worth checking out. From zombies to monsters in the dark, there is plenty to scare you here. Out of all your options Resident Evil 7: Biohazard managed to be the best with terrifying graphics, excellent gameplay, and a story you won't want to put down.

Best Overall: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Ethan Winters is a simple man on a mission: find his wife. When a cryptic phone call leads him to the broken down Dulvey plantation in the Lousiana Bayou, he thinks he may have found the key. Instead, something much worse is waiting for him inside the house. While this is the next great Resident Evil game, it doesn't immediately require you to play any of the previous games. It's a great place for new players to see just how terrifying this franchise can be.

Not only does this game take a different story approach, Resident Evil 7 makes some other choices that inherently change gameplay. The most significant change is the shift from third person to first person POV. It's easier than ever for enemies to sneak up on you whether that means creeping up behind you or coming from your blind spot in the narrow hallways of the Baker house. It adds a layer of intensity to every motion, and it's been a while since Resident Evil gameplay felt so fraught and desperate.

While you will pick up ammo and weapons through gameplay, it's never enough to shoot your way through every enemy. Instead, your best bet becomes learning the layout of the house, figuring out where secret passages lie, how to get from point A to point B without being spotted, and the best places to hide are going to be fundamental to your survival. Ethan is just a regular guy trying to find his wife and survive. The heart-pounding gameplay reminds you of that each time you have to hide from a baddie.

Overall, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is everything excellent about the horror genre on consoles. It delivers captivating visuals, a dread-inducing story, and gameplay that has you on the edge of your seat. Not every game manages to put together the whole package, but Capcom has ensured that Resident Evil continues to be the top tier in horror games with its newest installment.


  • Great story
  • Fantastic mechanics
  • Creepy graphics


  • Relies on Hilbilly horror tropes which fall flat
  • Puzzles are overly simple

Best Overall

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Search for your wife

Find the Dulvey plantation and the truth behind your wife's disappearance if you can survive what waits inside.

Best Value: Until Dawn

Until Dawn

Every year a group of friends visits a secluded mountain estate for a get-together. After a prank goes wrong, two of them go missing and are never found. A year later the remaining friends join back up for a reunion at the same cabin. Of course, nothing goes to plan, and creepy things start to happen. Whether that's because of someone or something out in the woods waits to be seen. Play as a group of friends as you attempt to survive Until Dawn.

The story of Until Dawn starts off like most other horror tropes, but as you play, you'll make choices that can drastically change the outcome. Most options show up as quick time reactions and vary from hiding from a creepy figure to deciding whether to take a longer path versus a shortcut. While at first, it seems like a masked psychopath might be hiding in the woods, this story has plenty of twists and turns to keep you coming back. With multiple endings depending on your choices, there is plenty of replay value as you try to ensure the entire cast makes it to dawn.


  • Awesome creepy story
  • Easy to grasp mechanics
  • Choices change gameplay


  • Quick time events can be challenging to complete
  • Writing isn't always stellar

Best Value

Until Dawn

Survive the night

Return to the mountain where two of your friends went missing and try to solve the mystery of their death...and survive what waits for you in the woods.

Best Story: Last of Us Remastered

Last of Us

The Last of Us is a horror survival game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic America ravaged by a fungal infection that destroyed everything. You play as Joel, a jaded, bitter man who had everything stolen from him in the early days of the infection. He is joined by Ellie, a girl who might be the key to a cure. You'll travel from the East Coast through a vivid, yet decayed country attempting to get her to the rebel fireflies, the world's last hope for a cure.

The gameplay is cut into two parts. You have the human survivors to deal with, and they are a murdering bunch who would like nothing better than to kill you and Ellie and take what you've got. If that wasn't bad enough, there is also the infected with various types of beasties that will run you down and kill you faster than you can blink. You'll have to deal with both as you travel trying to find the fireflies.


  • Amazing story
  • Great gameplay mechanics
  • Awesome graphics


  • The story gets dark in the second half
  • Some areas are very difficult

Best Story

Last of Us Remastered

Get the girl to the fireflies

Get Ellie to the fireflies and find a cure for the fungal infection that ended the world, or die trying.

Best Survival: Evil Within 2

Disgraced detective Sebastian Castellanos barely survived his first encounter in STEM: a matrix-like simulation run by a corporation. So three years later, when they come calling for help, he isn't about to head back in. That is until he receives information that his daughter, presumed dead, is very much alive and trapped inside. To save her, he'll have to return to his nightmare and find her inside the simulation.

Evil Within 2 is broken out into two basic arcs, both of which have you exploring Anytown USA from inside the simulation. You'll run into tons of enemies, and if you aren't careful, they will kill you. Quickly. You'll have to find parts to upgrade your weapons, green gel to upgrade your stats and plenty of ammo to ensure you can take out the enemies you run across. In the early game, you'll be hunting down a psychopath inside the simulation, but at the midpoint, things become much more fraught for Sebastian as he tries to find a way to save his daughter.


  • Great gameplay mechanics
  • Story is compelling


  • Writing can be a bit cliche
  • Steep difficulty increase at midgame

Best Survival

Evil Within 2

Redemption waits

Return to a hellacious world where your daughter waits, if she's still alive at all.

Best Apocalyptic: Days Gone

Days Gone

Take a seat behind the handlebars of Deacon St. John, an outlaw biker with a heart of gold trying to survive in an apocalyptic Oregon gone to Freakers. Days Gone is a zombie survival game where you'll ride your bike, fight off humans and freakers, build up your ride and moreover the course of the 40+ hour story.

The core of Days Gone is Deacon's story, and that of his wife presumed dead in the initial outbreak. As you complete missions for survival camps, you'll uncover questions about what happened to cause the outbreak, who survived it and what comes next. Along with small bands of freakers and marauder camps, you'll even have to deal with massive hordes that can easily tear you to pieces if you get cocky.


  • Easy gameplay mechanics
  • Great graphics
  • Awesome story


  • Game occasionally lags and drops audio during cut scenes
  • Damaging your bike is very easy
  • Frame rate drops unexpectedly

Best Apocalyptic

Days Gone

Days Gone

Surviving isn't living

Survive freakers, and raiders as you try to find the truth behind your wife's death and the end of the world.

Best Remaster: Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

In the month since zombies created by Umbrella's T-Virus overran raccoon City, things have gone from bad in the city to worse. Now our two protagonists Leon and Claire are attempting to fight their way out of this nightmare before they become its next victims. Resident Evil 2 is a full remaster from the ground up with updated graphics, mechanics, and controls.

The updates that Capcom has made make this game a fantastic addition to any horror fans collection. Zombies have never looked so good, which makes every jump scare more effective. Likewise, with the addition of frequent save spots, and maps that update automatically after clearing rooms of items, it plays like a 2019 game.


  • Updates to gameplay introduce new players to classic resident evil
  • Excellent graphics
  • Frequent save points


  • Movement speed is fairly slow
  • Gameplay is mostly unchanged between characters

Best Remaster

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

Raccoon City now in HD

Comb through the ruins of Raccoon City and survive the horror of the T-Virus as you do.

Bottom line

Every game on our list is excellent for a different reason, and it highlights the variety you can find within the horror genre when gaming. No two horror games are quite the same, which means no matter what you're looking for, there is a game out there that can scratch your itch. While each game that made our list is worth checking out, the best is Resiident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil has been delivering top tier horror games for 20 years, and the newest entry in the franchise manages to up the ante without requiring you to know about everything that came in earlier games. With a combination of atmospheric graphics, a creepy story, and mechanics that are easy to pick up while still being frightening as you play, it's the best horror game available on PlayStation 4 right now!

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