Best Horror Games for Oculus Go iMore 2019

Horror games are always a fan favorite no matter what device you're playing them on (and what time of year). Nothing brings a thrill to gaming quite like fighting for your life, and nothing makes that feel more real than VR. Here at iMore, we're a virtual based tech company that specializes in all the things you love. We went out and found some of the best horror games you can find on your Oculus Go (that you absolutely need to sink your teeth into). Word of advice: Don't jump at your friend who thinks they're running from Slender Man. Turns out they might punch you!

A true mind-blowing experience: Doors of Silence

My expectations of horror were blown out of the park. I cried, I jumped, I let out gasps of shock, and loved every minute of it. From one horror junkie to the other, you have to try out this game. It's not just full of some cheesy jumpscares. It's a psychological horror that's going to push you to the brink of anxiety and then catapult you off the edge.

$3 at Oculus Store

Silence doesn't kill in this title: The Vault

This game breaks the mold for more traditional horror games. It tasks you with being quiet. The goal is to appease your jerk of a boss who cares more about the materials on the ship than he does your own life. So much so, he's willing to risk you for them. You'll have to sneak your way around the ship, collect the resources, and then escape. By the way, there are zombies. Lots of zombies.

$2 at Oculus Store

Hold your breath: Buried Alive

Take a deep breath. Where are you? Looks like some psychopath put you in a coffin and then under about six feet of dirt. This maniac wants to watch you struggle and you're just a source of entertainment. In this psychological horror title, you are faced with puzzles and tasks to get yourself away from death. With each puzzle that you complete, you'll be given the key to the next puzzle. Can you escape this serial killer's clutches?

$1 at Oculus Store

Outrun the static: Nightmare: The Escape

Slender Man is back and once again you've got to complete his sadistic puzzle in order to escape him. Can you collect all the papers in time? Can you outrun the static? Test your ability to remain calm and focused during a life-or-death situation to see if you can beat Slender Man.

$3 at Oculus Store

Out of all of these titles, I would highly recommend dipping into Doors of Silence. For such a low price you can give yourself the psychological horror you've been looking for in a scary game. Between the puzzles and the stories, you might just find yourself captured in more ways than one!

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