The best indie games for iPhone and iPad

iMore’s authoritative guide to the very best, insanely addictive indie games for both iPhone and iPad

It doesn't always take a huge development firm and investors with an endless budget to develop a great game. There are lots of indie developers out there that prove every day it doesn't take a million dollars to produce great games. Sometimes it just takes a great idea.

There are thousands of great games by indie developers in the App Store. Here are the ones we think you should definitely be playing on your iPhone and iPad.

Letterpress for iPhone and iPad

If there's one game that can cause turmoil between you and your friends when it comes to word games, it's Letterpress by atebits. It's highly addicting and a great twist on classic letter games. Instead of getting tiles and having to place them on a board, the board is pregenerated for you and doesn't change.

The object of the game is to have more points than your opponent by the time all the letters on the board have been used. You can use any tiles you'd like and in any order. You'll get a point for each tile you use and ones that you block in will prevent your opponent from stealing that point back. Your tiles are one color while your opponent's another. You'll go back and forth battling for tiles until all have been used. At that point, the game ends and the person with the most tiles in their color wins.

Jetpack Joyride for iPhone and iPad

In Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick, you play the character Barry who has broken into a science lab to go galavanting around on jetbacks and other experiments. Dodge lasers and other obstacles while picking up power ups and objects to help you along your quest.

The entire object of Jetpack Joyride is simply to get as far as you can. If you run into something while you have a power up, you'll lose your current item and return to your jetpack. If you run into something with your regular jetpack on, you'll have to start over. Jetpack Joyride isn't a difficult game by any means but makes for a great way to kill time.

Lili for iPhone and iPad

Lili by BitMonster is an impossibly gorgeous RPG and puzzle hybrid. You'll play the character of Lili who is stuck on the island of Geos. You'll guide Lili through her quest by helping her solve puzzles and explore the world around her.

Lili is a very well made game with many adventures and puzzles that'll keep you busy for quite some time. Whether you're a skilled or novice RPG fan, there's nothing terribly complicated involved and no hand to hand combat skills required. That being said, it's a game both hardcore and light RPG'ers will appreciate for the simplicity and very well designed graphics.

Hundreds for iPhone and iPad

Hundreds by Semi Secret Software is a painfully addictive game with a dead simple goal: get to 100 by holding down on the circles. There's always a catch, as you very well should expect. You can't touch any other circles on the screen while your expanding the one you're holding down. As you progress through levels, this task gets harder and harder. You'll also be thrown all kinds of loops such as circles that must be held down simultaneously as well as dead space you'll have to work around, as of course, you can't touch that either.

If you want to kill time or just want a new puzzler, Hundreds is perfect for either of those objectives.

Dots for iPhone and iPad

Dots by Betaworks One is another time killer that offers quick games that are easy to play and don't rely on playing against an opponent. The premise is simple, you've got one minute to connect as many dots as you can to clear them. To create lines, you have to join like colored dots that are next to each other. You can move up, down, left, and right but not diagonal.

The best strategy with dots is to try and move them thinking about the next move and how many dots you'll get out of that next line. The more dots you connect, the more points you'll score.

Ridiculous Fishing for iPhone and iPad

Nothing says old school gaming like almost 32-bit graphics and arcade style play. If those sound like you, you'll love Ridiculous Fishing by Vlambeer. The object of the game is exactly what you'd expect, catch lots of fish. You play Billy, and you'll be helping him cash out for as many fish as he can catch. Cast your reel and get as far down as you can. Once you've hit bottom or snagged a fish, catch as many as you can on the way up.

Ridiculous Fishing also features an in-app store that allows you to purchase more reels and other items with money you've earned by playing. You'll need to save up for items such as longer line and ammo for when you need it.

Tiny Wings for iPhone and iPad

I don't think I could have thought up a more addictive game than Tiny Wings by Andreas Illiger if I tried. The premise is dead simple to understand and the game play is amazingly fun. You play a little bird who has always dreamt of flying but unfortunately, has tiny wings. That sure doesn't stop him from trying though.

You'll use the hills in order to shoot him towards the clouds and across several different islands. Holding down on the screen will bring him back down again. Going up and down slops while completing each levels objectives is not only fun, but alarmingly addicting. You'll have to achieve the objectives for a given level before the sun sets.

Your picks?

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