Best Controller Mounts for iPhone iMore 2022

If you have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, then you have access to a huge library of amazing games. But don't you ever wish you could play those games while away from your console? Thankfully, you can stream your games to your iPhone with the PS Remote Play app on the App Store, but you'd better have an excellent Wi-Fi connection to do so because the experience can be less than ideal if you don't. If you plan to make use of the PS Remote Play app to play your favorite PS4 or PS5 games on-the-go, then you'll want the best iPhone mount for your PS4 or PS5 controller. Here are some of our favorites.

Rotor Riot Mfi Certified Game Controller

Have a riot: Rotor Riot MFi Certified Gamepad Controller

Staff favorite

Rotor Riot's MFi gamepad controller provides a full-size controller for your iPhone gaming experience. It also offers L3 and R3 functionality, which few other controllers offer. It can charge up while you play, and there is little lag and latency since it's a wired controller, so you get the best gaming sessions possible.

Oivo Ps5 Controller Phone Clip Mount

For the latest and greatest: OIVO PS5 Controller Phone Clip Mount

DualSense FTW

If you have a PlayStation 5, then you know how great the DualSense controller is. This phone mount from OIVO perfectly fits onto a DualSense controller and allows you to use it with your iPhone running iOS 14.5 and later, which is currently in beta. With this phone mount, you'll be able to stream your favorite PlayStation 5 games directly to play on your iPhone.

$15 at Amazon
Steelseries Smartgrip Mobile Phone Holder

Works with SteelSeries controllers: SteelSeries SmartGrip Mobile Phone Holder

If you already have an existing SteelSeries Stratus Duo, Stratus XL, or Nimbus controller, this phone holder will fit perfectly. Those MFi controllers will work with PS Remote Play, but just be aware that if the game you're streaming requires the L3/R3 buttons (clickable joysticks), then you'll be lacking that functionality with SteelSeries controllers. But if you don't need those, then this clip and SteelSeries controllers will work fine.

$10 at Amazon
Oivo Ps4 Phone Mount Clip

DualShock 4 all the way: OIVO PS4 Controller Phone Mount

If you prefer to use your DualShock 4 to play games on your iPhone, this clip clamp easily attaches to your DualShock 4 controller in a few steps. Once it's on, it's sturdy enough to your iPhone in the holder, and it's easy to remove if need be.

$12 at Amazon
Wepigeek Ps4 Wireless Controller Phone Clip Mount

Universal gaming: WEPIGEEK PS4 Wireless Controller Phone Clip Mount Holder

This clip easily attaches to your DualShock 4 and locks in, so it doesn't move during play sessions. It also has multiple viewing angles, so you can find the one that is right for you, no matter what position you're in. It's also very affordable, which is always a plus.

$11 at Amazon
Joso Ps5 Phone Mount

Dual compatibility: Joso PS5 Phone Mount

This phone mount from joso is black and white to match with your new DualSense controller from Sony perfectly. This mount also has incredibly wide compatibility, as it comes with an OTG USB Type C to Micro USB cable and a USB C adapter to work with any device, not just iPhone with iOS 14.5. It has multiple viewing angles and even includes four thumb grip caps for maximum comfort while gaming.

$14 at Amazon
Orzly Ps5 Controller Mobile Gaming Clip

Simple but effective: Orzly PS5 Controller Mobile Gaming Clip

This PS5 Controller Mobile Gaming Clip from Orzly is simple and gets the job done. It's made with clear plastic, so it'll blend in better with your DualSense, and if you have iOS 14.5 or later on your iPhone, you can pair it with the DualSense controller. It has a nice, ergonomic design with multiple viewing angles and locking articulation, so you can find and use what works for you best.

$20 at Amazon
Yf2009 Mfi Certified Wireless Gaming Controller

Simple gaming: YF2009 Wireless Gaming Controller with Adjustable Clamp

This gamepad is MFi certified and is comfortable to hold, making it great for extended gaming sessions. It lasts for about 30 hours on a single charge, and the clamp holds most iPhones and gives you adjustable viewing angles. The buttons offer precise control, so no second is lost in your games.

$64 at Amazon
Nyko Smart Clip Dualshock 4 Controller Clip Mount

Play smarter, not harder: Nyko Smart Clip for DualShock 4 Controller

Nyko is a trusted name in gaming accessories, and the Smart Clip simply attaches to your existing DualShock 4 controller. It holds most smartphones up to 6-inches in screen size and provides six different viewing angles. This one is best not to be removed once you put it on.

$14 at Amazon

Get your game on with the best iPhone mounts for PS4 or PS5 controllers

When you have the PS Remote Play app on the best iPhone or iPad, you'll be able to take your favorite AAA titles on the PS4 or PS5 wherever you go. And while you can play those games with the touch screen controls, let's face it โ€” that's far from optimal, and the best experience is with a real controller, like your DualShock 4 or DualSense controller, or even a compatible MFi controller.

If you are going to make some recommendations, the Rotor Riot is a good, solid choice. It can charge while you play for infinite gaming time, and it has the least latency with a wired connection. Plus, you even get full on L3/R3 buttons.

But if you prefer to use the DualShock 4 controller, you can't go wrong with the OIVO PS4 Controller Mount Clip. The price is right, it's easy to get on, and it stays in place without shaking. If you have a PS5, OIVO also has the updated PS5 Controller Clip Mount as well. However, if you want a clip mount that perfectly matches the nice white and black color scheme of the DualSense, then Joso's PS5 Phone Mount is a great match and quite durable too.

Just keep in mind that Apple added support for DualSense controllers in iOS 14.5, which is currently only in beta.

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