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The best items to spend real money on in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has arrived, allowing people all over the world to become the witches and wizards they always wanted to be. As with many mobile games, there are a variety of different in-game items that can be bought using your hard earned real life money on. Not every item is created equal though, and these are the ones that are worth your dollars.

Spell Energy Capacity

When it comes to casting spells, you'll want to have as high a capacity as possible. Spell energy is primarily found by eating at inns, however you can also snag it through tasks, achievements, or greenhouses. Having a higher capacity means that you don't need to worry as much about conserving spell energy or running out at an inopportune time.

Silver Keys

The only way to open Portmanteaus and access the portkey inside is by unlocking it with a key. While you start with an unbreakable gold key, silver keys can be harder to come. Since you can only hold onto 8 Portmanteaus at a time snagging a few extra silver keys can be handy to get them open and free up some inventory space.

Vault Extensions

Vaults are where your Spell Energy, Ingredient Capacity and Potion Capacity is held. Each one has it's own limit for how much you can carry, and it never seems to be enough. You can make a one time purchase of a Vault Extension which will let you up the capacity of all three at once. You'll get another 10 slots for Spell Energy, 30 slots for more ingredients, and 10 slots for more Potions.

Dark Detectors

Dark Detectors are placed at inns and draw bigger and better traces to your location. While you do occasionally receive these when going up a level or completing specific tasks, they aren't a common item to receive. If you're trying to snag some higher level traces, the best way is by dropping a few detectors on an inn and hanging out. You can grab a 3 pack from Diagon Alley to help you out in that endeavour.

Spell Energy

The only way to catch traces, win at Fortresses, or enter into combat with beasties in the wild is by using Spell Energy. While you can re-up by eating at an inn, this isn't always an easy method. If you run out of spell energy and are suddenly confronted with high level traces, buying a refill can be a good call.

Every few days a new features pack shows up in Diagon Alley. These are limited time offers that deliver up a variety of different in-game items to help you out. Depending on what you need, snagging a featured pack may be a good way to get back to slinging spells.

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