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So you have the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic. You know, that cute mini version of the original classic console? Yeah, it's definitely adorable and comes packed with 30 great games, but what about accessories? Don't worry, we've got you covered! These are the best accessories you can get for your NES Classic system.

Nintendo NES Classic Controller Official Us

Two-player fun: Nintendo NES Classic Controller

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While a lot of the games included in the system are single-player experiences, there are a few that are more fun with two players. The NES Classic Edition comes with one controller already, but you're going to need another one if you want to play with a friend.

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RDS Industries Nintendo NES Deluxe Carrying Case

Portable retro: Nintendo NES and SNES Classic Deluxe Carrying Case

If you plan on carrying your NES Classic (or SNES Classic) around to a friends' house for an afternoon of retro gaming, make sure you have a case to transport it in! This Deluxe Carrying Case from RDS fits the mini consoles perfectly in the form-fitting space, along with extra controllers and all of the plugs needed. The exterior is made from tough nylon and rubber, so everything's safe and protected while still being easy to carry around.

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Nyko Extend Link cable

Extend for comfort: Nyko Extend Link Extension Cable

The problem with the NES Classic Edition was that the original controllers were way too short, clocking in at about 2.5 feet. With the Extend Link from Nyko, you'll add about 6 feet to the original cable, so you don't have to sit on the floor in front of the TV to play your old games.

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My Arcade Retro Gamepad

Better control: My Arcade GamePad Retro

While the original controllers provide nostalgia, sometimes they may not be the best for actual gameplay. The GamePad Retro from My Arcade is a revamped controller that will work with both the NES Classic and SNES Classic systems. It has improved ergonomics, so your hands don't cramp up, and there's a 10-foot cable so you can play comfortably from the couch or bed.

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Playing with Power strategy guide

Strategy guides: Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics Book

The "Playing With Power" book is a must for anyone who has an NES Classic! Within these pages, players will find helpful strategy guides and tricks for the games that are included on the NES Classic system. Even if you don't need help with the games, it's a nice book to keep on the coffee table at home. There are paperback and hardcover editions available, with a cool and protective slipcase.

$37 on Amazon
Honwally Wireless NES Classic Controllers

Go wireless: Honwally Wireless Controller for NES Classic Edition

Honwally provides you with two wireless controllers for your NES Classic Edition. These controllers look and feel like the original, but they come with wireless dongles, so you don't have to deal with a cable. They have a range of 10 meters and have rechargeable batteries that will last for about 100 hours of playtime.

$27 at Amazon
8bitdo N30 Wireless Gamepad NES Classic

8-bit quality: 8bitdo N30 Wireless Gamepad

8bitdo is known for creating quality controllers, and the N30 is no different. This one looks like the original NES controller, but the buttons are in more comfortable and ergonomic positions on the gamepad. It also has a dedicated Home button to get you back to the main screen, and there are dedicated Turbo buttons. Plus, there are no wires to deal with, since it's completely wireless.

$25 at Amazon
i-Kawachi NES Classic Controller Extension Cable 10ft

Go the distance: i-Kawachi NES Classic Controller Extension Cable 10ft 2-pack

If you bought a non-wireless controller, then you still have a cable to deal with, or maybe you got two of the official Nintendo controllers that have short cables. Fortunately, i-Kawachi has this two-pack of 10-foot extension cables for the wired controllers, so you can comfortably sit away from the TV and game to your heart's content.

$11 at Amazon
Smatree Carrying Case Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Pack it up: Smatree Carrying Case for Nintendo NES Classic Edition

If the official carrying case is a little high, then Smatree's option is a good one to consider. It will fit your NES Classic Edition console, two controllers, the AC power brick, and any necessary cables. It has a convenient hand strap and buckle to make carrying easier. The tough exterior will keep your console safe and sound.

$14 at Amazon

Game on — retro style!

A lot of us grew up with the NES in our childhood, so it's great to be able to relive those memories and replay the classics from the golden era of gaming. The NES Classic Edition is also super small, cute, and incredibly portable, so you can take it with you and share the fun with friends without much fuss. After all, there are some two-player games included, so make use of them!

If we could make some suggestions, you definitely can't go wrong with an extra NES Classic Edition Controller, because again, there are some two-player games to enjoy on the console. But since the cable that the controller comes with is short, make sure to pick up the i-Kawachi NES Classic Controller 10-foot Extension Cable 2-pack to extend the length so you and a friend can sit comfortably on the couch while you game. And don't forget the Deluxe Carrying Case, because you'll be wanting to transport that adorable console to friends' houses, and is also great for storage.

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