Best skills to get with Restricted Books in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The Brilliant Events that happen in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite give you the opportunity to earn Restricted Books, which you can use to learn powerful skills for your profession. Whether you're an Auror, Professor, or Magizoologist, here's a few suggestions on what skills on how you should be spending your Restricted Books.

Restricted Books for Aurors

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Aurors are a pretty straightforward class, and they excel at hitting hard — especially with critical hits. While spending scrolls and regular books on increase your attack power and precision are always good bets, there's two main skills an Auror should learn that both take with Restricted Books — Dancing with Dummies and First Strike.

Dancing with Dummies

Dancing with Dummies skill in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Dancing with Dummies increases your Precision (Critical hit chance) by +35% when attacking a foe with 100% (or more) Stamina. This huge bonus to precision gives you the chance to start of each battle with a bang, and in lower level Fortress battles, you can even finish off weaker enemies before they can even hit. Dancing with Dummies take 15 Restricted Books to learn, meaning if you complete one Brilliant Event in full, you'll have enough to get the skill.

There is one catch with Dancing with Dummies, in its current form, it doesn't work as advertised. As Reddit user hsun94 figured out, the actual 35% precision bonus applies to your first attack after your foe's first attack regardless of how much Stamina they have.

Although this bug in the coding has yet to be fixed, Dancing with Dummies is still a great skill to get, and considering its one of the first skills you can get in the skill tree with Restricted Books its still worth getting. Once they fixed the issue with the skill, your Auror will just be even stronger!

First Strike

First Strike skill in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

First Strike grants your +50% Critical Power when foe attacking a for with 100% Stamina, meaning if you land a critical hit as your first attack, you'll do way more damage. Obviously, you can see that when your pair First Strike with Dancing with Dummies this combo becomes super strong; however, if you want the combo to work with the current bug to Dancing with Dummies, you have to skip your first attack.

If you skip your first attack, defend yourself, and then attack your foe, you will get the bonus from Dancing with Dummies and First Strike. Once again, this combo will be a lot stronger when the bug to Dancing with Dummies is fixed.


Out of the gate, Magizoologist are the weakest class, but have great healing abilities; however, if you can get the skill Become The Beast skill you can become a powerhouse. The only problem is Become The Beast is hidden behind other skills before you can get it, so you'll need to spend some Restricted Books just to get there.

How to Become the Beast the fastest

Become the Beast grants you +40 Power when you have 5 or more Focus in a Fortress, it's the one skill that turns the Magizoologist into a powerhouse hitter. This immensely useful skill is closed behind the Luna's Stamina Charm, meaning your first four Restricted Books need to go toward that. Since Become the Beast takes 15 Restricted Books on its own, you can't gain access to Become the Beast until you complete two events at the very least.

Because that leaves you with extra books to spend while you want for the 15 you need, it's worth grabbing Stamina Charm Maxima since that opens up the additional Starting Focus skill, which will help you keep the amount of focus you need to activate Become the Beast.


There's good and bad news when it comes to using Restricted Books with the Professor. The good news is it's not complicated, all you need to do is upgrade the Deterioration Hex as much as possible. The bad news is getting all the upgrades to the Deterioration Hex takes a while. It takes 28 Restricted Books in total to upgrade the Deterioration Hex all the way, and some of the upgrades are further down the skill tree, meaning you need grind and have some patience.

Deterioration Hex is insanely powerful

Deterioration Hex is one of the first skills you get as a Professor and it's probably the best skill in the game. The Deterioration Hex causes your foes to lose Stamina for each action they take and each upgrade just makes that Stamina drain even more. Spending your Restricted Books on all the upgraded versions of Deterioration Hex is really just the most optimal upgrade for any Professor! So focus on getting both levels of Improved Deterioration Hex, then all three levels of Deterioration Hex Maxima, and then get both levels Deterioration Hex Mastery.

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