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Stranger Things took the entertainment industry by storm when it hit Netflix in 2016, offering a great mix of thrilling science fiction and '80s nostalgia. With the show's third season on the horizon, it's time to start fine-tuning your collection to prepare for more Stranger Things goodness. From the official behind-the-scenes companion to an Upside Down tee, these are the Stranger Things collectibles you should own.

Inside scoop: Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion

Staff pick

There's something so cool about seeing how popular media is made. In this behind-the-scenes companion, you'll get 224 pages filled with exclusive color photos and stunning concept art that reveals how the show went from crazy idea to worldwide phenomenon. If you want insight into how Stranger Things came to be, this companion is a must-have.

$20 at Amazon

Go to jail: Monopoly Stranger Things Edition

This Monopoly Stranger Things Edition not only features fantastic board art, but it comes with walkie-talkie cards, forts, hideouts, and more. Avoid the Upside Down and own property in Hawkins, Indiana as you challenge up to eight friends in one of the most legendary crossovers in history.

$18 at Amazon

Horrifying cuteness: Stranger Things Funko Pop Demogorgon

Who knew one of the franchise's most ferocious creatures could look so cute? This Funko Pop Demogorgon stands 6 inches tall and displays the monster in a posture that will eat away your productivity. Just looking at all those teeth makes me shudder at the thought of going to the dentist.

$14 at Amazon

Paying homage: Stranger Things Ghostbusters Set

That '80s nostalgia collides in this McFarlane set that features Dustin, Mike, Will, and Lucas decked out in their Ghostbusters costumes, complete with proton packs and traps. If you have an empty space on your bookshelf, this 4-piece set is the perfect decoration.

$32 at Amazon

Strange art: Stranger Things 3 Poster

Prepare for the upcoming season of Stranger Things with this poster, which features the gang enjoying some fireworks during their summer vacation. While all might seem well, the creature lurking in the foreground foreshadows trouble to come for Hawkins, Indiana.

$20 at Amazon

Lifelike figures: Stranger Things Action Figures 3 Pack

Eleven, Lucas, and Mike are included in this Funko action figures 3-pack, modeled after their iconic looks from the show. Each figure stands 3-3/4 inches tall and features fully articulating limbs, giving you full control over their poses once they're on display among your collection.

$13 at Amazon

AV club rocks: Stranger Things Hawkins Middle School AV Sweatshirt

Showcase your Stranger Things fandom the next time you go out with this Hawkins Middle School AV Club hoodie. The pull-over sweater features a 50/50 polyester blend and is made in the USA. It comes in a variety of colors, but my pick is maroon.

$27 at Amazon

'80s tunes: Stranger Things Soundtrack Vinyl

The beauty of Stranger Things is in its visual celebration of all things 1980s. But let's not forget about the show's soundtrack, which is among the best original soundtracks out there. Pick it up on vinyl for the cleanest and most immaculate listening experience.

$22 at Amazon

Nostalgic fashion: Stranger Things Upside Down Tee

Show off your sartorial prowess with this Stranger Things Upside Down t-shirt, which features a look at the gang being hunted by the Demogorgon. This shirt is officially licensed by Netflix and features a classic, lightweight fit.

$20 at Amazon

Upside Down: Stranger Things Ouija

Contact the Upside Down with this Ouija board from Hasbro, which features a vibrant Stranger Things theme. There's something very mysterious about how the Ouija board works, and adding Stranger Things into the mix makes it that much more exciting.

$16 at Amazon

Mark your calendar: 2019 Stranger Things Wall Calendar

Sure, your smartphone has a digital calendar, but physical calendars haven't gone out of style. This 2019 Stranger Things wall calendar features 13 high-quality images from the show featuring your favorite characters.

$7 at Amazon

Leggo my Eggo: Stranger Things Eggo Card Game

This card game from Hasbro lets you celebrate your obsession with Stranger Things and Eggo in one entertaining game. The game supports up to 6 players and features 106 Eggo cards, 7 character cards and one appetizing picture of Eggo right on the box.

$10 at Amazon

Blast from the past

Although Stranger Things is a relatively young show, it has become insanely popular since its debut. With Season 3 on the way, they hype around it is larger than ever. Whether you want apparel or something to display in your home, there's something for everyone, from comfy sweatshirts to intricate figures.

If you want inside information behind the show's creation, Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down is the perfect way to kick off your Stranger Things collection. It features exclusive color photos, concept art, and an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at how the first two seasons were made.

The Stranger Things soundtrack vinyl is also a must-have for Stranger Things fans. The show leans heavily on its '80s influences, so it's only fitting it has a very '80s soundtrack, featuring songs from Toto, The Clash, and Duran Duran.

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