Best Summer Gear for Wizards Unite iMore 2019

It's time to get your wands ready, folks. Niantic's next AR game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, follows after the hugely successful Pokémon GO and is launching globally on June 21, which is also the official start of summer. Here's everything you need to play Wizards Unite while keeping cool!

Carry all of your gear: Harry Potter Hogwarts Interchangeable Backpack/Messenger Bag

Staff favorite

If you're going up against the Dark Arts, you're going to need to carry some gear. This interchangeable bag can be worn as a standard backpack or as a messenger bag with the detachable shoulder strap. It's roomy enough to carry pretty much everything, like robes and wands. All Hogwarts houses are represented on the emblem.

$40 at Amazon

Even wizards want fashion: Harry Potter Designer Hogwarts Houses Handbag

If you don't want to carry around a backpack, try one of these designer Hogwarts houses handbags. It's made with a 100 percent PU outer shell and a polyester fabric lined material on the inside. There's plenty of space and pockets for your necessities, and you can choose your favorite house.

$50 at Amazon

Wizards, represent!: Popfunk Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Distressed T-Shirt

It's summer, so that means time for short sleeves! This t-shirt has a vintage distressed look to it, making it perfect for both genders, and all of the Hogwarts houses are represented. The shirt is made of a high-quality material that is already preshrunk, so you don't need to worry about it shrinking. This shirt is great for playing Wizards Unite in.

From $19 at Amazon

Keep a grip on it!: Harry Potter Hogwarts PopSocket

This Harry Potter Hogwarts Popsocket comes with the Hogwarts emblem with all houses represented. PopSockets easily attach to the back of your phone or phone case and give you a much-needed grip on your device, preventing drops and making it easier to even do things like taking selfies. It also doubles as a stand! There are several styles to choose from.

$15 at Popsockets

Stay hydrated: Harry Potter Hogwarts Apothecary Water Bottle

Stay cool

It's important to keep cool and hydrated while you're fighting evil witches and wizards. This water bottle features a design featuring the Apothecary from Diagon Alley, and it has a screw top lid and a flip-up spout for easy access to your water, or perhaps some Polyjuice Potion…

$17 at BoxLunch

Feel like a true wizard: Authentic Harry Potter Robe

Feel like a true wizard or witch with this authentic Harry Potter robe! It comes in both adult and kid sizes, and you can choose the house that best represents you. There is a pocket for your magic wand or cell phone, and during summer, the cloak will help keep your skin protected from the sun's hard-hitting rays.

From $77 at Amazon

Stylish kicks: Vans x Harry Potter Collection

Represent your favorite

Since you'll be outside playing Wizards Unite, you'll need some new shoes to go with your new adventure. The Vans x Harry Potter collection features a variety of designs relating to Harry Potter in Vans' signature slip-ons, SK8 hi-tops, lo-tops, old skools, slide-ons, and more.

From $45 at Vans

Keep your phone juiced up: Marauder's Map Rechargeable Power Bank

This power bank features the Marauder's Map design, so you feel like you're causing up some trouble while using it, just like Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. The battery has 1800mAh of power, so while it isn't a lot compared to other battery packs, the theme fits in and it's not too expensive.

$15 at BoxLunch

Rain or shine: Bioworld Harry Potter Reactive Color Changing Umbrella

Sometimes you may get the occasional rainy day in summer, or the sun's beaming rays may be too much for you. With this umbrella on hand, you'll always have some shad with you, so you can continue fighting the Dark Arts! And if the weather surprises you with some rain, well, you'll still be prepared.

$16 at Amazon

Wizards, unite!

We're big fans of Harry Potter here, so we're super excited for Wizards Unite to finally launch worldwide. And since it's launching on the start of summer, it's a great way to get out and have some fun while meeting other Harry Potter fans!

If you're looking for recommendations, we have a few. The Harry Potter Interchangeable Backpack/Messenger Bag is nice, because it has enough room for all of your essentials and then some. Plus, having the option of changing between a backpack or messenger bag is always a bonus.

We also like the Vans x Harry Potter collection, because there are a ton of different styles and designs to choose from. I personally like their low-top and slid-in styles, because they're easy to get on. Plus, the new Harry Potter styles are sure to turn some heads.

And since summer can hit full force, we highly recommend always having a water bottle handy, like the Apothecary Water Bottle from Boxlunch. The design is cool and the bright blue color makes it easy to spot. And we always love a bottle with a screw top lid and flip-open spout!

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