If you like shouting out the answers while watching game shows or are always the instigator of bar trivia, you can actually get your quiz fix any time. There are plenty of trivia games for both iPhone and iPad that will let you give your brain a workout and help you pick up some new facts to make you feel smarter. Show off your skills and you might be able to win more than just bragging rights.

HQ Trivia

Hq Trivia ScreenshotsSource: Intermedia Labs

HQ Trivia has had something of a wild ride since it was released in 2017. The promise of cash prizes made it one of the most popular apps around for a time, but

Trivia Crack

If you like general trivia and enjoy going head-to-head with friends or random strangers, then Trivia Crack is for you!

When you challenge a person to a game of Trivia Crack, you're competing in six different categories: Science, Sports, Geography, Entertainment, Art, and History. In Trivia Crack you and your opponent take turns, and as long as you keep answering a question right, your turn keeps going until you either win the entire contest or you lose.

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Much like other head-to-head games like this, you there are a lot of freemium options baked in, such as special powers, extra lives, and additional spins; however, you don't need to spend any money to enjoy the game. While Trivia Crack is free, there is also a version without ads for $3.99


QuizUp is another head-to-head style trivia game where how fast you answer the questions matters!

You'll face off against an opponent with seven different general knowledge questions, and right answers will be awarded points and wrong answers will get nothing. In QuizUp being right isn't the only thing that matters, you get fewer points the longer it takes you to answer the question, so time is of the essence.

QuizUp also has a bunch of extra features, like special powers and experience gain, to spice things up beyond just answering questions. The good news is QuizUp is super popular, I have never had trouble finding someone to play against.

SongPop 2

People have been playing "name that tune" anywhere music can be heard for a long time, and SongPop 2 lets you faceoff with an opponent in the ultimate battle of music knowledge.

Pick your favorite genre of music and your favorite decade and challenge people from all over the world with different playlists. Each playlist has five songs you need to identify, either song or artist, and you'll get points for each correct answer. The faster you identify the song, the more points you receive!

Jeopardy! World Tour

"I'll take best trivia games for 500!" Sorry, I couldn't resist. Jeopardy! World Tour brings all the fun of the long-running game show Jeopardy! to the small screen!

You and two opponent will faceoff in three different rounds each with three categories. Answer the questions right and you'll be awarded points (which replaces money from the show). If you come across any "Daily Double" or in the final Jeopardy!, you'll be able to wager your points and potentially earn double!

Just like on real Jeopardy!, the questions are pretty hard, but if you enjoy a good brain workout, Jeopardy! World Tour is a great game you can pick up and play anytime.


Psych is a mashup of trivia and Balderdash, where you not only are challenged to answer the question correctly, but you also have to give a fake answer to throw off your opponents!

Much like a party game, you and your friends need to connect to the same room to play together. Once you're all connected up, you'll be able to start creating fake answers and guessing answers. You'll not only get points for guessing the correct answer, but you'll also fooling other people.

Which trivia games do you play?

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