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The holidays are fast approaching, and that means lots of tinsel, the smell of pine, plenty of festive decorations, and gifts galore. For gamers, there are probably plenty of great Nintendo Switch games and accessories waiting for you under the tree, but what about the decorations on top? If you're looking for ornaments and decorations that are more aligned with your taste, we've got you covered. Here are the best video game ornaments and decorations for the holidays.

Joust Arcade Game Keepsake Ornament With Light

A retro classic reborn: Joust Hallmark Ornament With Light and Sound

Staff Pick

Joust was an arcade machine where you jousted other players while riding a futuristic ostrich — talk about retro! Featuring authentic sound effects and a light-up cabinet, this arcade cabinet is sure to put a smile on the face of older gamers.

$23 at Hallmark
Nintendo Nes Console Video Game Keepsake Ornament With Soundlight

A lot smaller than I remember: Nintendo Entertainment System Hallmark Ornament With Sound and Light

The Nintendo Entertainment System is arguably the most important system ever made. It made videogames popular again and spawned tons of franchises, including Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid. It even lights up and plays music and sounds from the Super Mario Bros. game. This ornament has become hard to find, but it'll be a great addition to your ornament collection if you're able to get one.

$20 at Hallmark
Fortnite Loot Llama

Get some goodies: Fortnite Loot Llama Hallmark Ornament

Fortnite is the massively popular battle royale game that seems to be getting more and more popular with every update and wild crossover event. It's always a good thing to come across one of these in the wild, so why wouldn't you want to stock up with a few to hang on your Christmas tree? Just don't try to break it open — the presents are under the tree!

$9 at Hallmark
Nintendo 8bit Donkey Kong

No monkey business: 8-Bit Donkey Kong Hallmark Ornament

Donkey Kong hasn't always been the fun-loving, tie-wearing ape he is today. Once upon a time, he was a barrel tossing enemy of Mario! This ornament captures the ape in his 8-bit glory, as he appeared in the original Donkey Kong arcade.

$15 at Hallmark
Nintendo 8bit Mario

Looking great at 35: Mini 8-Bit Mario Hallmark Ornament

The plucky plumber, Mario, has been around almost since the dawn of videogames and shows no signs of slowing down at all. This ornament recreates Mario as he appeared in the classic NES game, Super Mario Bros.

$9 at Hallmark
Among Us Ornament

Holiday cheer? Seems sus: Personalized Among Us Ornament

Among Us may have originally released in 2018, but it somehow became one of the most popular games of 2020. These traditional ornaments can be customized to accuse your loved ones of being sus properly.

$8 at Etsy
Minecraft Zombie

Shuffling for the holidays: Minecraft Zombie Hallmark Ornament

Players will quickly recognize the Minecraft Zombie, the common, undead villain who wanders at night. They may be spooky enemies in-game, but they make great ornaments in real life. Their green, rotting skin really compliments the green of the tree.

$25 at Amazon
Kk Slider Ornament

As cool as a guitar playing dog: Animal Crossing K.K. Slider Snow Globe Ornament

Animal Crossing returned to the masses this year with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, capturing the hearts of old and new fans alike. Keep spreading the good feels this holiday season with an Animal Crossing with this cute K.K. Slider Snow Globe.

$10 at Etsy
Ff7 Menu Ornament

Turn based nostalgia: Final Fantasy VII RPG Battle Menu Ornament

I love a subtle videogame reference, especially when someone picks up on it. If you prefer to keep your videogame references on the subtle end, check out this Final Fantasy VII RPG Battle Menu Ornament. Fans of the classic RPG will instantly recognize it on your tree and maybe even initiate a random battle!

$15 at Etsy
Triforce Ornament

A golden power: Triforce Ornament

Wisdom. Courage. Egg Nog. All of these elements make a pretty great holiday celebration, no matter what holiday you celebrate. This Zelda ornament is the perfect addition to any Zelda fan's holiday decoration.

$8 at Etsy
Atari Video Game Cartridges

A vintage throwback: ATARI Video Game Vintage Cartridge

Videogames are so flashy and sophisticated now; it's almost hard to believe they were once just a simple, novelty electronic. Parents might recognize these vintage box art ornaments from their younger gaming days. Choose from one of many classic Atari games, like Space Invaders, Pitfall!, and Pac-Man.

$9 at Etsy
Pikachu Ornament

I choose you, duh: Pikachu Hallmark Ornament

Pokemon seems to stand the test of time, as its popularity has hardly waned since it hit the scene in the late 90s. One of the most popular creatures, Pikachu, is available as an ornament — and who doesn't love the adorable electric mouse?

$8 at Walmart

Santa will definitely be impressed

These are the best video game ornaments and decorations for the holidays. Any one of these ornaments should fill your holiday with glee, but we recommend the Joust Hallmark Ornament With Light and Sound. It's a great retro throwback to the days of the arcade, complete with authentic sounds and lights. The level of detail is also really impressive. This is an ornament you'll want to show off.

If you can find one, we also recommend the Nintendo Entertainment System Hallmark Ornament With Sound and Light. It's a Nintendo classic, perfectly recreated as an ornament. It even comes with Super Mario Bros. If you're still in the mood for an 8-Bit Nintendo throwback, you can always grab the 8-Bit Donkey Kong Hallmark Ornament.

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