Best answer: The best way to display your Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition is to give it it's own special spot on a beautifully designed stand.

Amazon: HUANUO Metal Stand ($17)

Amazon: FITUEYES Clear Display Stand ($17)

Display and play

Having a simple stand to display your NES Classic Edition is a great way to keep everything organized and in order.

The stand is a great tool to not only show off your system but also elevate it off the ground, giving you more room for other consoles and equipment.

The HUANUO Metal Stand in particular is also great because of the holes in the bottom of it, making it ideal if your system overheats while playing, while a sleek glass stand like the FITUEYES Clear Display Stand is easy to clean and makes for a pretty gosh-darn good looking pedestal.

Our pick

HUANUO Metal Stand

Stand true and stand solid with this, well, stand!

The HUANUO Metal Stand is a terrific and simple home accessory that makes displaying your tech all the more convenient and stylish. This metal stand is super easy to put together, too: just install the two legs on the bottom, set up your NES, and start playing! If you're worried about your system overheating, the holes in the bottom of the stand allow for more air flow.


FITUEYES Clear Display Stand

Keep is stylish and sleek with this great glass display.

When you're on the hunt for a stand for your console, its important to have something that doesn't detract from its retro beauty: like the FITUEYES Clear Display Stand! This particular glass stand boasts a sleek and modern design. The thick glass allows for a secure platform to display your NES, while the metal legs keep your console elevated and looking pristine while you play.

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