Best wireless controller for SNES Classic

As anyone with a Nintendo SNES Classic will tell you, the length of the leads on the controllers is a serious hindrance to playing. Whilst the nostalgia of having the console cables stretched out across the living room floor sounds appealing, it's actually dangerous, annoying, and unnecessary. Thankfully there are third-party alternatives to the wired controllers that will help.

If you really do have to have wires and still want the SNES Classic out of the way you can look to buy an extension cord from Amazon that will extend the controller cord by an extra 10ft to make playing more comfortable but the best solution is to buy a wireless controller.

Wireless controller two-pack

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Of all the third-party controllers we've seen, the Gamepad With USB Wireless Receiver stands out for a number of reasons, the first being its shape. A lot of the controllers out there are styled very differently compared to the classic SNES design and as such look ugly and more uncomfortable when paired with the SNES Classic. These controllers, however, stay true the original shape and size and feel remarkable sturdy for a cheap, third-party alternative.

This set of controllers has the added bonus of being, well, a set. Having a set of two controllers just makes sense when the SNES Classic comes with two wired controllers and the cost of this two set is only a few extra dollars compared to the single controller alternatives. The last big selling point to these controllers is the inclusion of a USB plug for your Mac or a wide range of devices other than just the SNES Classic, allowing you to use it on just about any gaming emulator. The included Micro-USB can be used to connect as well.

The battery life seems to be more than enough to power through two or even three gaming sessions before recharge but if you catch yourself short you can always plug the controller into a USB closer to you and keep on playing as they don't need to use the SNES itself to power them.

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Over to you

Having gone through a lot of these controllers for the SNES Classic we've concluded these are the best bang for your buck. Do you agree, or have you found an even better set of wireless controllers? Let us know done in the comments.

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