Whether you're an anagram master, a spelling sensation, or a grammar wizard, you'll find something to pique your curiosity in these iOS games that reward those gifted at language arts. Many of these games even include support for the Apple Watch, in case you want to play with words on the go.

1. Alphabear

You've probably seen the adorable fuzzy faces of Alphabear splashed across all of your social media platforms lately, but you may not know that the game itself is actually a tricky Boggle-like word game. It's free, but you can kick the developer $5 for "infinite honey" if you don't want to wait around to unlock more levels.

2. Sleep Furiously

Sleep Furiously game generates a cloud of words that the player must connect into a grammatical sentence, no matter how nonsensical; the resultant word strings are even better than my favorite dream memories. The screenshot above features my own favorite in-game creation.

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3. Words With Friends

This old standard is pretty much Scrabble, but without the price tag that comes with the official branding. Every word game aficionado already knows about this game, but it's been a while since we all got Words With Friends fever, so you may not know that the game now has Apple Watch support.

4. Letterpad

Anagram games abound in the iOS space, but Letterpad is one of the best, featuring a clean design, user-created puzzles, and even Apple Watch support.

5. Moxie

You'll want to watch Moxie's short tutorial video before you play, given that it's a completely original word game — unlike the plethora of copy-cats and knock-offs in the word gaming world. This game encourages you to fine-tune your memory skills when it comes to spelling and word recognition; it requires you to place one letter per round to build up words or modify existing words, piece by piece.

Your favorites?

Which word games are your favorites, be they old standards like Crosswords or new indie sensations? Share your picks with us.

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