Spelltower for iPad

We've rounded up some of the best word games in the App Store to load up onto your iPad. These will test your puzzle-solving skills, trivia knowledge, and sheer reflexes. We've got plenty more of the best iPad games gathered for your perusal, too.

Like working with letters? Check out these word games!


Puzzlejuice is a Tetris-style word puzzle game from the brilliant minds behind Threes!. Players need to line up same-colored blocks that drop down from the top of the screen in order to turn them into letter tiles. After that, players will need to trace lines between letter blocks to spell out words and eliminate them from play. Go for as long as you can before the blocks hit the top of the screen.

The modern design and sharp language of Puzzlejuice create a rarely-enjoyed appeal.


Spelltower is a crossword-style game with a minimalist visuals. You'll probably be familiar with the idea of tracing through letter tiles in the right order to produce words and eliminate them from the board. There are a variety of game modes, including competitive Bluetooth multiplayer. New game modes are gradually unlocked, offering taller towers to chew through.


Letterpress for iPad

Letterpress is a competitive word game about board control. Players have a limited group of tiles available to them, and must make words with the letters provided. Making a word will claim that tile, and surrounding a tile with your own claims will make it invulnerable to capture until your opponent strips away those outside tiles on their turn. Turns bounce back and forth between you and your Game Center buddies, complete with notifications. When the board is fully claimed, a final tally is made of who has more tiles claimed.

Letterpress earns big points for its pared-down visuals and polished multiplayer experience.


Bonza is a word puzzle game where players are given a topic and have to to assemble a set of tiles so they make a full set of words. New packs of puzzles are available daily, and more still through in-app purchases. If things get too tricky, you can spend the coins you earn in-game on hints.

7 Little Words

7 Little Words iPad

7 Little Words gives players a batch of crossword-style trivia hints, and letter tiles to assemble into their solutions. Every pack has a certain theme, with new packs being made available regularly through in-app purchases. Hints are available for those that are stuck, too.

Anyone looking to test their knowledge and their wordplay at the same time will get a lot of mileage out of 7 Little Words

Your favorite word games for iPad?

We've dug up these word games, but there are new ones coming out all the time. Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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