Mysterium on iPad

If you are a tabletop game player, you've probably heard of Mysterium. It launched in 2015 and immediately became a big hit, lauded as one of the best games of the year by the board game community. Due to its popularity, it was also immediately hard to come by if you didn't preorder it. If you've been searching for Mysterium to no avail, you'll be happy to know that, come December, you'll only have to look as far as the App Store to find it.

Who-done-it goes digital

Asmodee Digital, the company that has brought some of the best board games to the App Store (like Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and Splendor, has teamed up with the creator of Mysterium, Libellud, to turn the who-done-it style other-worldly tabletop game into a digital version.

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Mysterium is a cooperative game of mystery and intrigue, set in a haunted mansion. Players act as mediums, speaking to a ghost with a restless soul. If you can figure out who killed the former resident of Warwick Manor, you can help him move on to his final resting place. Search for clues, reveal visions of the past, and bring the killer to justice.

The game is designed for multiple players, so the iOS app is too. You can join up with other players from around the world in a cooperative game to discover clues and unlock the mysteries. There is an in-game chat channel where you can talk to each other about choices to make next. It is compatible with up to seven players.

If you want to go it alone, you don't have to join a multiplayer game. Mysterium has a Story Mode, which lets you solve the mystery all on your own.

Something old, something new!

If you've played Mysterium, you'll love the iOS game because it covers all of the best parts of the game, including the fantastic artwork. But there's more to it than a simply copy and paste of the same game. There is going to be exclusive new content that is only available in the digital version.

Mysterium will be available in the App Store in early December for $6.99. I'll be sure to let you know when it launches!

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