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Superbrothers iOS game wins plaudits from Feminist Frequency

The 2011 iOS game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP has been recognized for portrayal of a positive female character by the Feminist Frequency web video series.

Superbrothers puts players in the role of The Scythian, hero of the story, who just happens to be female. Feminist Frequency host Anita Sarkeesian talks about what makes The Scythian noteworthy in the seven minute segment.

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Elite: Dangerous Mac beta now live

Frontier Developments has announced the release of a Mac beta of its hotly anticipated space adventure, trading and combat game Elite: Dangerous.

It's the latest iteration of a legendary game that traces its lineage back to the mid-1980s, on platforms like the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron. After a mid-December release of the PC version, the Mac version is now in beta. What's more, you can download the original game for free!

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Vainglory gets a new hero, Vox, and more with iPhone and iPad update

Vainglory, the popular MOBA-themed fantasy game from developer Super Evil Mega Corp, received an update for the iPhone and iPad this week that includes a new hero, Vox.

Vox has been designed as a long range fighter who can also move quickly in levels.

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Fast Fishing brings its line-casting action to the Mac

Long-time Mac and iOS developer Strange Flavour has brought their game Fast Fishing to the Mac.

One of our must-play games for iOS has made the leap to the Mac. Fast Fishing lets you cast your line across 22 levels in six different areas.

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The Wild West-themed game Gunpowder explodes on the iPad for $4.99

Indie developer Rogue Rocket Games has launched its newest title, the Wild West-themed action-puzzle game Gunpowder, exclusively on the iPad today for $4.99.

Gunpowder has some similarities to the Angry Bird franchise, as players try to explode barrels of, well, gunpowder, with the objective to set fire to as much stuff as possible.

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WWE 2K will bring pro wrestling to the iPhone and iPad

2K Sports and World Wrestling Entertainment plan to bring classic pro wresting action to the iPhone and iPad this spring with the new WWE 2K game.

The game will be developed by n-Space and will cost $7.99 when it's released on the App Store.

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The Spatials lets you build the hottest tourist spot in the galaxy

The Spatials, is a new space-based simulation game that puts you in charge of the galaxy's most popular tourist attraction.

Now available for Mac, The Spatials starts you on a lone asteroid in a randomly-generated galaxy, and you'll need to build out your space station, make contact with new alien species, and fight off space pirates to build your business.

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Play this Mac/iOS game: Sid Meier's Starships

Combine galactic conquest with fleet battles and you have the basic recipe of Sid Meier's Starships, available for Mac, PC and iOS. It's ridiculous fun.

Set in the same continuity introduced in Sid Meier's Civilizations, Starships emphasizes turn-based tactical combat over civilization building. Though there's some of that too, as you'll see.

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Zen Pinball adding Star Wars Rebels table in late April for iOS and Mac

Developer Zen Studios plans to add a new table to its Zen Pinball games for the iOS and Mac platforms based on the popular animated TV series Star Wars Rebels.

The table will be available to purchase sometime during the week of April 27.

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Fast & Furious: Legacy speeds onto the iPhone and iPad

Fast & Furious: Legacy is now available for iOS and Android, just in time for the Furious 7 movie that is set to hit US theaters on April 3.

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