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Stronghold Kingdoms: Rise of The Wolf expansion pack available for Mac

Developer Firefly Studios has released Stronghold Kingdoms: Rise of The Wolf, a free expansion for their recently launched free-to-play medieval-themed real-time strategy game for the Mac.

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GDC 2015: MicRogue is a fast and brutal dungeon-crawler game

We've got yet another great little RPG coming out of GDC 2015 called MicRogue. As the name suggests, it works fine on smaller screens, and offers classic, brutal roguelike gameplay with chunky 8-bit graphical charm.

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GDC 2015: Knights of Pen and Paper 2 bringing back a classic RPG

At GDC 2015, we had a chance to check out the recently-announced Knights of Pen and Paper 2. Though it's being worked on by a new developer, they've managed to maintain the self-referential tongue-in-cheek humor that made the original such a roaring success (at least among diehard Dungeons & Dragons nerds like me).

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EA shuts down SimCity maker's home office

EA has shut down the offices responsible for making one of computing's most prolific and beloved game franchises.

Sad news in the game world today: EA has announced the closure of Maxis' Emeryville offices, the home of the legendary city building game SimCity, according to Kotaku.

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GDC 2015: Paper Monsters Recut offers kid-friendly platforming fun

At GDC, we got a sneak peek at Paper Monsters Recut. This is a remastered and expanded version of a kid-friendly platform title that came out a few years ago. It tacks on new stages and improved graphics thanks to Metal support.

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GDC 15: Preview of classic RPG Aralon: Forge and Flame

At GDC 2015, got our hands on an upcoming sequel to the well-loved Aralon role-playing game, and it's looking quite slick. The only other series that comes this close to The Elder Scrolls on your iPad are the Ravensword games which, coincidentally, are also published by Crescent Moon games.

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Monument Valley takes the top prize at 11th annual Mobile Gaming Awards

The popular and critically acclaimed puzzle game won the "Grand Prix" prize for best mobile game of 2014 on Tuesday night as part of the 11th annual International Mobile Gaming Awards.

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GDC 2015: We have your first look at This War of Mine on iPad

Critically acclaimed survival strategy game This War of Mine is making its way from your Mac to iPad soon and we've got your first look at it from GDC 2015.

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GDC 2015: Divide by Sheep is a quirky (and brutal) math puzzle game

Divide by Sheep is a wacky math puzzler from Tiny Build Games that starts off cute and ends up quite deadly. We got a chance to try an early build at the Game Developers Conference 2015. The objective of the game is to save sheep by getting them to the raft. However, only a certain amount of sheep can fit onto the raft.

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New Game of Thrones, Batman and DC Comics-based mobile games in the works

Warner Bros. Interactive has at least five upcoming mobile games that are in development.

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