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Sid Meier's Starships coming to iPad and Mac on March 12 for $15

Sid Meier's Starships, the space-based strategy game that was first announced in mid-January now has a firm release date and price for the iPad and Mac. The latest effort from the legendary game developer and his team at Firaxis Games will be released on March 12 for $15.

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New iPhone number game Pivots makes addition fun

Pivots is a new number game for the iPhone where you use math in a race against the clock. The objective of Pivots is to add rows and columns up to 15 before the clock runs out, and the game offers you the ability to change the board in order to reach your goal.

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Marvel Mighty Heroes will soon bring superhero co-op fighting action to iPhone and iPad

Fans of Marvel's superheroes will soon have yet another mobile game to check out that pits their biggest characters against one another. Today, DeNA and Marvel Entertainment revealed that Marvel Mighty Heroes is coming soon to the iPhone and iPad. The free-to-play brawler will feature online co-op for up to four players in a game that has a cartoon-theme art style.

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Buy this game: Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball

If you're looking for a fun Mac, Windows or Linux game to play this weekend, check out Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball from 82 Apps.

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball is a futuristic first person shooter that's what would happen to Dodgeball in the Tron world. What's more, it's on sale right now for $11.99.

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Alto's Adventure brings endless snowboarding to iPhone and iPad owners

Alto's Adventure has just been released on iOS for both the iPhone and iPad. This latest title for the platform brings with it an endless snowboarding adventure as you join Alto and his friends through their native wilderness, neighbouring villages, ancient woodlands, and even long-abandoned ruins.

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Mac adventure game bonanza: Avernum 2, Icewind Dale Enhanced, and more!

This week I'd like to highlight half a dozen recently-released adventure games you can play on your Mac. Whether it's solo play exploring the surface of an alien world or team-based play in a classic dungeon crawl that's more your speed, I've got something that might appeal to you here.

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Monkey King Escape is Ubisoft's new endless runner for iPhone and iPad

Monkey King Escape is a new endless runner from Ubisoft for the iPhone and iPad. Loosely based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West, Monkey King Escape sees you run and fly across a mystical world in an effort to claim the title of Monkey King.

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EVE Online's Tiamat content bundle brings a new ship, corporation tools, and more

EVE Online has released the Tiamat feature bundle. Tiamat follows the Rhea content bundle as the second such release in 2015. The content pack adds a number of new ships, tools, balance fixes, and more.

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A salute to iOS gamers, or how to stop intimidating your non-gamer friends

Ed: Welcome to iMore's author spotlight column, The Network. Every Friday, we'll be bringing you the perspective and charm of the best and brightest minds in the Apple and tech community. This week: Games journalist and podcaster Maddy Myers.

While walking home the other day with a well-read friend of mine who doesn't identify as a "gamer" — but has an Angry Birds history on his iPhone that would argue otherwise — I brought up BioShock: Infinite. I had assumed, given my friend's interest in activism and politics, that he'd be interested in hearing about the game's attempts at social critique, however ham-fisted. We never got that far.

"What do you mean, it has a sad ending?" he interrupted. "Do you mean you lost?"

"No, no – I beat it," I said. "Everybody gets the same ending."

"That's impossible!" he sputtered. "You should try it again, just in case!"

I walked in a lot of conversational circles as I explained that actually the game was meant to be a very serious narrative experience, and that many games of this type often only give you one ending. Call of Duty games only have one ending, I told him, and everybody sees the same cut-scenes. Same goes for The Last Of Us, and all the Halo games ...

"But when I play Tetris, it's different every time," he said. "If everybody gets the same ending, how is that even a game? Maybe you're supposed to look up a cheat code? I mean... I don't know, I'm not a gamer."

It's hard to say which of us is a really a "gamer" when neither of us would agree on what is or isn't a "game," though, right?

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ZeptoLab's King of Thieves is now available for iPhone and iPad

From the creators of Cut the Rope comes King of Thieves, a new freemium multiplayer game now available for iPhone and iPad. Sporting high quality art and animations, players are tasked with avoiding deadly traps, competing to break into customized dungeons to steal enemy gems and gold. The only problem is the player dungeon will come under attack too so it's best to invest some time in building some defences.

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