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New Game of Thrones, Batman and DC Comics-based mobile games in the works

Warner Bros. Interactive has at least five upcoming mobile games that are in development.

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Back this Kickstarter: Crystal Quest Classic

A bona fide Mac game classic is back from the dead, but it needs your help to get over the finish line.

Crystal Quest is beloved by a whole generation of Mac users who came up during the 1980s. It was the first color Mac game, an early entrant into the Macworld Game Hall of Fame and most recently resurrected for Xbox 360 in 2006. There's a new attempt to update Crystal Quest for new Macs, PCs and Linux boxes, but it needs crowdfunding to be successful, and time is running short.

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Dungeon Hunter 5 slashes its way onto iOS on March 12

Gameloft has announced today that its popular hack and slash series, Dungeon Hunter, is about to get a sequel. Dungeon Hunter 5 will be bringing its dungeon crawling goodness to iOS on March 12.

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Epic Games ditches monthly fee for developers who use Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games has announced that it is getting rid of its $19 monthly fee for developers who want to make games using Unreal Engine 4. Epic will still take 5% of any gross revenue generated by an Unreal Engine 4-based app or game every quarter after it reaches $3,000 in revenue.

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Mortal Kombat X brings its Fatalities to the iPhone and iPad in April

Developer NetherRealm Studios is bringing a version of its upcoming fighting game Mortal Kombat X to the iPhone and iPad this April. The free-to-play game should be released around the same time as its previously announced PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC counterparts.

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Spacetime Studios to launch MOBA game Call of Champions for iPhone and iPad

Spacetime Studios has announced their next game — Call of the Champions!

Creators of hit mobile MMORPGs like Arcane Legends and Pocket Legends, Spacetime Studios says Call of Champions will be a free-to-play MOBA-themed fantasy game and, what's more, it will be released for the iPhone and iPad sometime this year.

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Military Masters launches its real-time vehicle combat on iPhone and iPad

Military Masters is a new battle tactics game for iPhone and iPad that centers on tactical vehicular combat. You'll build a collection of land, sea, and air vehicles to help you take on your friends in real-time PVP combat.

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Hot Mac game roundup 2015

Dozens of Mac games are out now and coming soon that will keep you glued to your screen. Here they are.

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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper will bring the franchise's heroes together this spring

Square Enix and DeNA plan to release the free-to-play game Final Fantasy: Record Keeper for the iPhone and iPad this spring. The game allows players to create a team using characters from the entire Final Fantasy franchise.

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République Remastered brings its revamped graphics to the Mac

République Remastered, the graphically-revamped version of the acclaimed stealth action game, has now been released for the Mac. It's also the first commercially-released game to use the new Unity 5 graphics engine.

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