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Dungeon Hunter 5 will hack and slash its way to your screens in 2015

Gameloft has just announced plans to release Dungeon Hunter 5, the latest game in its popular "hack and slash" fantasy RPG series. The game is due out sometime in 2015. Gameloft released Dungeon Hunter 4 for iOS in April 2013.

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Blackguards 2 brings its turn-based RPG adventuring to Mac

Blackguards 2, the follow up to last years The Dark Eye: Blackguards, is now available worldwide for OS X. A dark fantasy RPG, Blackguards 2 is based on the RPG rulebook for The Dark Eye, and puts an emphasis on strategy in order to achieve victory.

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The Best Free iPad Games

These are the best of the best free iPad games!

We've got the absolute best free iPad games here that play great on the big screen. In fact, for many folks these games will be a ton of fun on iPhone too. Whether you just picked up a new iPad or just looking for a cheap way to kill time, you're in luck!

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At long last, Stronghold Kingdoms is available for Mac castle builders

Stronghold Kingdoms, the free-to-play medieval-themed real-time strategy from developer Firefly Worlds, has finally made its way to the Mac App Store. The game was first released for Windows-based PCs in 2010 as an open beta before officially launching in 2012.

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Sid Meier's Starships will explore space on iPad and Mac in early 2015

Legendary game designer Sid Meier continues to keep himself busy. Today it was revealed that he and a small team at developer Firaxis have been working on a space-themed turn-based strategy game, Sid Meier's Starships. It's due for release early in 2015 for the iPad and Mac, along with the PC.

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Cookie Jam: Your ultimate tips, hints, and cheats guide!

Cookie Jam is either a striking homage or shameless copy of the mega-popular Candy Crush series of games. Regardless, there's no denying that jamming cookies just as addicting and can consume just as much of your free time as crushing candies. What's more, there are just as many tips, hints, and cheats that can not only help you blaze through levels faster, but even earn you unlimited free lives without spending a dime. If that sounds good to you, follow along for our top tips!

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Hit the lanes on your Apple TV with Bowling Central

That's right, another motion based game for the Apple TV, this time hitting the lanes and going Ten Pin Bowling! Rolecule, developer of Motion Tennis and Dance Party, is back again with one of the more fun games we've played with our iPhones in a while.

Bowling Central actually came about because the community requested it after Motion Tennis. Wii Bowling has always been a favorite, and that same essence has been captured here for the Apple TV.

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Odd Squad: Blob Chase wants to make learning math fun

PBS Kids has released Odd Squad: Blob Chase for iPad, a new educational game geared towards children ages 5-8. The first app based on the Odd Squad brand, Blob Chase tries to teach basic math concepts by making them fun and engaging.

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This War of Mine: Don't miss this Mac game!

After hearing about This War of Mine after its release in November, I finally cleared out some time after the holidays to play it, and was not disappointed: It's easily one of the most memorable and profoundly impactful games I've played over the past couple of years, and one that I strongly recommend you check out.

Most games that use war as the premise for the action put you in the role of the soldier or someone else close to frontline action. This War of Mine turns that on its head by making you a civilian caught in the crossfire, doing what it takes to survive.

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Space epic 'Rebel Galaxy' coming to Mac later this year

There's some good news for space adventure fans on OS X today. Double Damage Games has just announced that its space epic Rebel Galaxy, which was initially announced for PC and Playstation 4, will be coming to Macs this year as well.

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