For all the stereotypes Canadians endure, there is one at least one that rings true: Canadians make great games.

We have plenty of great indie and non-indie game studios in the Great White North that work on some brilliant, fun, and entertaining games for all platforms — including iOS!

Here are some of our favorite Canadian-developed games to proudly play as you celebrate Canada's birthday!

Alto's Adventure

Alto's adventure

Who would've thought a game about snowboarding would be made in Canada, eh?

Beautiful art design mixed with a rich, calming soundtrack makes Alto's Adventure stand out in the ocean of games on the App Store.

You'll join Alto, a llama herder, on his snowboard as he slides down on the Alps, rounding up the wooly creatures. The game includes a challenge system and a plethora of unlockable characters, making it entertaining every time you load it up. Plus, the announced sequel, Alto's Odyssey, will hit the App Store sometime this year. Wax up your board and hit the slopes so you can continue Alto's story later in 2017!

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Splitter Critters

Developed by RAC7 in Vancouver, Splitter Critters is a unique twist on the classic platformer. Swiping across the screen, you'll need to split the environment into pieces and move it around to guide the cute little aliens to safety!

The game picked up the Apple Design Award for 2017 at WWDC this year and has been critically-acclaimed for its unique gameplay, challenging puzzles, and stunning visuals.

Oz: Broken Kingdom

This game was developed in Vancouver by the small team at This Game Studio, but it will have you saying "we're not in Kansas anymore."

Dive into the land of Oz - yes, that Oz — in this creative adventure RPG. Battling the forces of darkness that threaten Oz as Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow, you'll need to upgrade their skills and defeat enemies in a turn-based combat system.

The game is absolutely gorgeous and takes a beloved story and reimagines it in a new and creative way, making it super fun to play through.

Don't Starve: Shipwrecked

From the Vancouver-based indie studio Klei Entertainment comes a survival game that is best described as beautifully bleak.

Trapped on a tropical island — full of things that want to kill you — you need to learn how to survive. Build boats, seek shelter, hunt food, and try to get rescued, as you learn how to cope with your new surroundings.

The hand-drawn art looks like something right out of a Tim Burton film and adds a lot of style to this incredibly challenging and fun survival title.


The Toronto-based studio DrinkBox Studios gave us a game that is incredibly weird, extremely macabre, and a heck of a lot of fun called Severed.

You play as the one-armed warrior named Sasha who has to travel through a nightmare world to save her family. Her weapon — a living sword — specializes in cutting off limbs, and Sasha will have to collect them — yuck!

This brightly colored and slightly disturbing romp has won multiple awards including the Apple Design Awards 2017 and iPad Game of the Year 2016.

What are your favorite Canadian made games?

Canada, this is your time to let us know: Which Canadian-made games do you love?

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