Cloud Chasers is a new survival game that tasks you with helping a small family migrate

Cloud Chasers is a brand new title now available on the App Store. This migration story tasks the player with taking charge of a small family who need to pass through and endure five death-inviting deserts. Their goal – to reach the gateway to the world above the clouds. Don't mistake Cloud Chasers as a short and sweet storytelling experience, you'll be tested by this rather dangerous expedition.

The game boasts a multitude of unique narrative encounters, making future replays as a sure possibility with more of the title unlocked as you progress on new playthroughs. You'll need to manage resources with care, make decisions and utilize available equipment at your disposal. Oh, and there's the need to fly through the clouds to fill up water reserves using your trusty glider.

The randomly generated world will invite you to explore the background of a desert planet and its inhabitants for $3.99. It's a unique indie title – bagging a handful of awards – and one we'll surely invest some hours into. You can grab Cloud Chasers on the App Store.

Rich Edmonds